Petra Develops Product Line for Quick Lube Industry

Jan. 5, 2023

The XLR8 branded line is a suite of automotive products for the quick lube industry. 

Jan. 5, 2023—Automotive aftermarket firm Petra Automotive Products, Inc. has has announced an expansion to its product portfolio to now include the XLR8 branded line, according to a press release. 

The XLR8 branded line is a suite of automotive products developed for the quick lube industry. Some of these products include: fuel treatments, oil system cleaners and treatments, washer fluid concentrate, brake cleaners and stop squeak, transmission and cooling system cleaners, sealants and treatments and more. 

“The addition of XLR8 products to our portfolio is significant. The products in the XLR8 line address the unique needs and related services that are critical to a successful quick lube business. The XLR8 line leans into our extensive experience in the automotive installed space and give us an industry-leading solution to help us meet the extremely diverse needs of the quick lube segment,” said Arnold Gacita, Petra Automotive Products, Inc. founder and owner.

Petra was founded in 2010. According to the press release, Petra manufactures and distributes more than 325 products to 40 countries. 

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