Chicago Tagging Residents’ Catalytic Converters to Prevent Theft

Feb. 3, 2023

Chicago's 12th ward is holding an event to tag residents' catalytic converters in order to stop the rise in theft.

Feb 3, 2023–An event is being held in the Brighton Park neighborhood of Chicago that would help prevent residents of the 12th ward from having their catalytic converters stolen by tagging them with a unique pin code and spray painting them, Block Club Chicago reports.

It will take place on February 5 at Brighton Park Automotive, 967 S. Archer Ave., and Parkview Auto Repair, 4139 S. Western Blvd., and will be available to all residents of Chicago’s 12th ward. 

Those who are interested must register in advance and will then be told the time slot and shop to go to. One vehicle per household is permitted to be tagged. 

Tagging catalytic converters is a strategy that had been used by local law enforcement “to deter thieves and make scrap dealers think twice about accepting the car parts.” The police said that the markings will only be visible from underneath the vehicle and will not affect its value.