Mighty Vs7® Engine Shield™ With Advanced Fluoro-Ceramic Cermilon® Technology

Nov. 8, 2023
Provides superior protection and ultimate performance!

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The new Mighty VS7 Engine Shield Treatment is the most advanced engine treatment available on the market today, incorporating many years of research in lubricant technology with the latest In Ceramic Fluoropolymer technology.

This two-pronged approach provides ultimate lubrication enhancement, with the most effective anti-wear technology available.

First, the carrier oil utilizes a performance additive package that was initially developed to stabilize synthetic oils in the most extreme conditions experienced in NASCAR and NHRA. The performance of this carrier oil lubricant has been tested and proven throughout the motorsports world for many years.

When Mighty VS7 Engine Shield is installed with conventional or synthetic motor oil, this carrier will dramatically enhance the oil's lubricity and performance, helping to reduce thermal breakdown and keep the oil performing at peak levels for the entire oil cycle. The harder the engine works, the better the oil will perform. The carrier will also give the oil better adhesion properties, helping to reduce dry and cold starts.

The second aspect of the treatment is the advanced Cermilon® Polymer. Suspended in the carrier oil, the Ceramic Fluoro Polymer circulates with the oil, burnishing at the metal-to-metal contact points in the engine, reducing drag and heat, and dramatically reducing the wear in an engine. Most engines will run as much as 20°F cooler engine temperatures, translating to increases in overall performance and efficiency.

Cermilon® is the first polymer available that combines ceramic and Fluoropolymer technology at the molecular level, making it more durable and heat resistant than any other polymer in this field. The ceramic component will also help dissipate the heat in the engine. This helps the polymer endure the harsh conditions in the engine and give a much more effective treatment.

Mighty VS7 Engine Shield will work well with all oils and in any engine, gasoline or diesel.

Most everyday drivers will experience an increase in fuel efficiency, reduced engine temperature and oil consumption, and a much more responsive engine. For performance enthusiasts and racers, VS7 Engine Shield will also help increase horsepower and stabilize oil pressure.

This new addition to the VS7 family of products truly sets a new bar for lubrication technology for Mighty, and will continue our standard of excellence in customer satisfaction!

Ask your Mighty Rep about this revolutionary new product today!