QuickChat: Adoption of Ultra-Low 0W-8 and 0W-12 oils into API SP

Jan. 3, 2024
Jeffrey Harmening of API sits down with Hanna Bubser of NOLN to discuss considerations, applications, and risks of 0W-8 and 0W-12 oils now included in the existing API SP Performance Service Category for gasoline engine oils.

Recently, the API Lubricants Group, which is the consensus body responsible for developing API’s engine oil performance specifications, approved the adoption of SAE 0W-8 and SAE 0W-12 viscosity grades into the existing API SP Performance Service Category for gasoline engine oils.  While these ultra-low viscosity oils are not recommended by any North American OEMs today, there are an increasing number of overseas models on US roadways that are recommending them.  


With SAE now defining these lower viscosity grades, API has been able to fill a gap in its engine oil certification options by including them in API SP. The API Engine Oil Licensing and Certification System Program (EOLCS) program is now accepting applications for products meeting API standards for SAE 0W-8 and SAE 0W-12 viscosity grades.  Marketers whose products meet the API SP performance requirements for these SAE viscosity grades can apply for use of the API Service Symbol, aka “the Donut”, on their products. Consumers that need SAE 0W-8 and SAE 0W-12 oils will be able to look for these high-quality, API-licensed oils to meet their vehicle’s oil recommendations. 

In this QuickChat, Hanna Bubser, Associate Editor at NOLN, sits down with Jeffrey Harmening, Senior Program Manager supporting the EOLCS and DEF certification programs at API to cover everything you need to know about 0W-8 and 0W12 viscosity grades, including why API is incorporating these oils to their services, how readily available they are, what vehicles could benefit from using them, and what risks of consumer misapplication could arise.