Data Show More Drivers on Roads

May 14, 2020
Drivers have been active more in the first weeks of May than any time since mid-March.

May 14, 2020—Drivers in the U.S. have been more active on roads, according to an AP analysis of StreetLight Data Inc., an analytics software company that aggregates data from smartphones and other GPS-enabled devices, reported USA Today.

Activity during the seven-day period ending May 8 was 60 percent higher than the lowest point since the COVID-19 crisis began. Michigan, Minnesota and Montana are among the states with the largest increase in travel.

However, activity was still down 49 percent compared to January 2020.

Some people may be driving more because of nice weather. Farming and other activities that usually pick up in the spring could be factors. People are driving less in states that are not close to reopen soon, according to the report.

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