Returning US to Work Will Require Resolution of Liability, Legal Issues

April 15, 2020
Businesses are warning that fear of more lawsuits could hinder the reboot of the U.S. economy.

April 15, 2020—According to the Chamber of Commerce, returning America to work will require coordination between government and business and resolution of legal and liability issues, reported Insurance Journal.

Several businesses are suing insurers over business interruption claims. For example, recently chef Thomas Keller sued his insurer over business interruption claims related to the coronavirus.

The issues the Chamber is concerned about include employer liability, products liability, medical liability, securities litigation, outdated regulations, health privacy and workplace safety.

According to the report and the Suzanne Clark, U.S. Chamber president, the return to work will be gradual and phased in, and require continued use of social distancing and expanded use of other personal protective equipment.

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