VehicleHistory to Allow Consumers to Search for Car Recall Information

Order Reprints, a company that helps protect consumers during the used car buying process, has created a new service that allows people to search for recall information about a car, truck or van they own or are thinking of buying, representatives announced yesterday.

"It is so important to be aware of recalls,” said Vanessa Hernandez, a Vehicle History spokesperson. “They can often be matters of life and death. Car manufacturers don't issue recall notices lightly. If a recall is in effect and hasn't been addressed, anyone could end up buying and driving a death trap.” said there are many reasons why someone might not be aware of a recall on the car they are driving.

"In general, the car manufacturers send the recall notices to the people who originally bought the vehicle,” she said. “But if someone has purchased a used car, the company may have no idea who owns it and no way to contact the current owner. Additionally, if an original owner has moved but not notified the manufacturer, they may end up sending the recall notice to the wrong address.”

 To use the system consumers simply have to type in the VIN number of the vehicle into their search system, she said.

"Once they do that, our program will tell them if the car was ever subject to recall, why the recall was put into effect, and if the problem that led to the recall was fixed,” she said. “It will also let them know what they have to do if the recall issue has never been addressed.”

The automotive industry has been subject to a number of recalls in recent history and more are expected in the years to come, she said.

"Right now, there are issues with cars that will simply stop dead in traffic if their recall is not dealt with,” she said. “In other cases, there are deadly problems with airbags. This is a serious issue, and people have the right to know if their car is safe or not.”

This article originally appeared on Digital Journal

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