Air2Nitrous Simultaneously Reduces Emissions, Saves Fuel and Increases Engine Power

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Air2Nitrous (A2N), a breakthrough engine technology that lowers critical emissions in engines while both saving fuel and increasing engine torque, is now available for global markets.

A simple, scalable, retrofit device composed of two pieces with no moving parts, A2N can be fitted by any qualified mechanic to any internal combustion engine in 30 minutes. The effects of the technology are immediate, with up to 90 percent reduction in critical engine emissions, up to 20 percent fuel savings and up to 17 percent increase in engine torque and horsepower.

Commenting on the efficiency of the revolutionary new technology, Air2Nitrous CEO Ed Nichols stated, "Air2Nitrous has achieved what many of the world's largest emissions technologies companies have been trying to do for years; a reduction in critical emissionsplus savings on fuel without sacrificing vehicle performance. All the while, Air2Nitrous accomplishes this using a retrofit device comprised of only two components and no moving parts."

Air2Nitrous is a 'first phase' (prior to and during combustion) electronic emissions control system. It works by increasing the amount of oxygen molecules and decreasing the amount of nitrogen molecules present in the combustion chamber. More oxygen in the combustion chamber means a more complete burn of particulate matter (PM) 2.5 and less nitrogen means less NOx output. The net effect is reduced critical emissions of CO, CO2, NOx, THC, PM 2.5, NMOG and NMHC up to 90 percent. A2N technology helps to expel increased levels of oxygen in the process.

Industry applications include long haul transportation and trucking, agriculture (tractors and combines), mining and off-road vehicles, motorcycles, diesel trains, generators, container shipsaircraft (including satellites) and even coal-fired power stations.

Described by industry experts as a breakthrough technology for the 21st century, A2N is poised to have the same impact as the catalytic converter 30 years ago in terms of emission reduction. Indeed it has already passed USA California emissions standards on vehicles 'with and without' catalytic converters.

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