Porsche Applies Augmented Reality to Tech Services

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Porsche Cars North America introduces augmented-reality (AR) technology designed to improve technical services at Porsche dealerships in the U.S.

Tech Live Look officially launches in North American dealerships in 2018, the German automaker’s distributor for the region says in a news release.

Tech Live Look allows Porsche dealership technicians to connect with remote support team in real time.

Tech Live Look uses the AiR Enterprise software platform from AR solutions provider Atheer in conjunction with lightweight smart glasses. The devices feature the latest in projection technology and are equipped with a high-resolution, auto-focus camera that shows details as fine as the threading on screws. A powerful LED included with the glasses illuminates dark spaces in the engine compartment or under the car.

For example, when a service technician at a dealership in Los Angeles dons this high-tech eyewear and connects through the software with the Atlanta-based Porsche technical support team 2,200 miles (3,540 km) away, it allows the support team to see in real time exactly what he is seeing. This videoconferencing capability with instant access to remote experts allows both parties to quickly identify and resolve technical issues.

A pilot program conducted in July at eight Porsche dealerships in California, Florida, Indiana, New Jersey and Washington, along with one in Canada, showed the technology can help decrease service-resolution time up to 40%.

Tech Live Look also can do more than just provide real-time video capability. It allows the technical support team to take screenshots or send technical bulletins and instructions onto the projection surface of the glasses while the service technician is working on the vehicle. This means of information exchange is more efficient than sending e-mails and photos or explaining complex technical issues over the phone.

“Our main goal is to provide a better overall experience for our customers,” says Klaus Zellmer, President and CEO of Porsche Cars North America. “Tech Live Look allows us to be more efficient and helps get vehicles back in the hands of our customers faster, all while still delivering exceptional service quality.”

This story, by Jim Irwin, and photo first appeared on wardsauto.com

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