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This Spring, Give Quick Maintenance a Hand

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March 2, 2021—A while back, I spoke with an operator who was featured in the magazine. This operator told me that he found a star shop manager through NOLN

The future manager apparently read about this shop in a NOLN feature story, reached out to the owner and landed a job. The person moved to another state to take the position and has been a successful manager ever since.

For me, that was incredible to hear. The work we do at this magazine is primarily to inform you about the quick maintenance industry. As a result, it's always my hope that operators can improve their own businesses in some way.

Now that it's March, I want to offer an update on some of the biggest project we do to inform and improve the industry—and ask you to take part.


Survey Time

The 2021 NOLN Operator Survey is now live for operators to fill out. This is a crucial project for the magazine, and it serves as a waypoint for the industry's growth and continued success.

Because NOLN has decades of previous survey data to draw upon, it's important to remain consistent from year to year. That's why we're able to track car counts, service prices, labor statistics, and so much more over years in the industry.

But we're always looking for spots to improve, and you'll see some small changes to this year's survey. One new question will ask whether you've built or acquired your shops. Another set of new questions will ask how often you use social media to promote your business, as well as which platforms work best. These kinds of questions fit into the overall goal—inform and improve.

For the most part, you'll see the same survey from previous years, but it's crucial that you provide as much information as possible. The strength of the Operator Survey relies on your input. And thank you!

Fill out the survey here.


Operator of the Year

We are also now taking submissions for Operator of the Year. NOLN has been featuring these award winners on the cover of the magazine since Bill Simmons of Master Lube in Montana won the award in 1990.

The award is about recognizing excellence in quick maintenance. It's also about showing off a bit. Operators of the Year represent how maintenance facilities play important roles in their communities, and the winners demonstrate that each year.

It's always a treat to read the submissions each year, and you can make those submissions at

Both the Operator Survey and the Operator of the Year award are opportunities for you to make a meaningful contribution to the magazine and our industry. Again, thank you!

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