Tips To Get Your Video Marketing Off The Ground

April 9, 2021
Marketing your shop with video can be a daunting task. Rock Star Marketing's Jennifer Filzen has a few easy ideas to get you started.

April 9, 2021—Social media is increasingly becoming the best way to market your business. In fact, more people view social media on a day-to-day basis than watch television, said Jennifer Filzen, founder of Rock Star Marketing. 

Filzen added that the research is clear that what works best at grabbing attention on social media is videos. In a recent webinar appearance at the
2021 VISION Hi-Tech Training and Expo, Filzen spoke about how businesses can get their message out quickly with video. 

Among the many things discussed were some of the best types of video ideas for businesses that may not know where to start. Here are some of those ideas: 

Customer Testimonials

Shop owners can pump up their own shop all they want, but it’s never going to be as credible as getting an actual customer to speak about their experience. If a customer is really happy with the job your shop has done, ask them if they’d be willing to speak about it on camera, Filzen said. 

The biggest hurdle for this type of video is asking. Many shops owners find this uncomfortable, Filzen said, but the reward of recording this and sharing it on social media outweighs that fear of rejection. 

Show Community Service

Potential customers love to see what businesses are doing for the community. If the shop is involved with charities or community service, show what the shop is doing. Film the business going to events or giving out free oil changes. 

Visually showing the customer that a business has priorities other than themselves is a great way to build positive association and customer trust. 


Filzen stressed what she called “The 3 E’s”, which are educational, entertaining and engaging. One of the best ways to do this, she said, is through before and after pictures. 

Show what a dirty air filter looks like and then what the brand new one will look like. If a vehicle comes in with a bad ball joint, show the tire moving back and forth and then show a new ball joint and what it should look like. 

Of course these are educational, but it is also engaging and entertaining because it makes the customer wonder if they have a similar issue. 

Showcase the Why

Authenticity is important in these videos. There should be preparation involved, but trying to be perfect and polished isn’t the best strategy, Filzen said. Show your passion for the work and for helping people. Make a video telling the customer why the shop is important to you. 

Seeing that there is a pulse behind the profile and that your business means a lot to you, makes the customer care.