Tech Programs Start Reopening

June 18, 2020

Some technical college programs, like Lincoln Tech and Universal Technical Institute, have started reopening facilities for classes.

June 18, 2020—Some technical college programs, like Lincoln Tech and UTI, have started reopening its facilities for classes after shutting down due to the pandemic.

According to a press release, Lincoln Tech recently opened up its Columbia, Md., campus, resuming its onsite instruction on a limited basis. Lincoln Tech also opened up three of its Connecticut campuses two week ago, including those in New Britain and East Windsor, Conn., according to Hartford Business Journal.

According to the report, Lincoln Tech said it will bring back students in certain programs and those close to graduation, as they need hands-on training to complete their program. In total, there are 1,633 students enrolled across the Connecticut locations and 534 students enrolled at its Columbus campus. The program train automotive and diesel technicians, electricians and licensed practical nurses.

Universal Technical Institute has also reopened its onsite training, according to a press release, with hands-on training labs at 10 of its 13 campuses reopening. Labs at three remaining campuses are scheduled to open today.

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