Costa Oil Grows Network Amid COVID-19

June 4, 2020

Costa Oil 10 Minute Oil Change is building shops 11, 12 and 13 in its network—all during an industry-wide downturn.

June 4, 2020—Costa Oil 10 Minute Oil Change is expecting to grow to more than a dozen locations, and the plans got rolling during the COVID-19 downturn.

Owner Constantine Kapothanasis, who has been featured in NOLN, reached out with the good news. Three new stores are on the way. Two of them are in the Pittsburgh market and the third will be in outstate Pennsyvania.

Kapothanasis says he has other stores in the works, but the current three are going up are at 215 Richland Mall in Gibsonia, Penn.; 2018 W. Market St. in Lewisburg, Penn.; and 1809 Golden Mile Hwy in Pittsburgh.

Costa Oil operates in Illinois, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Ohio. In an email to NOLN, he says that he's working toward a solid, connected regional network. A store in the Cleveland area is likely next.

"Cleveland is the natural progression along my footprint," he says. "If you go from Central PA to Pittsburgh, we have our Youngstown, Ohio location. Cleveland is the next major city. If you keep moving across Ohio, it would make sense to go into Toledo and then the Detroit market where there is a large quick lube presence. Moving through Indiana would bridge the connection to my two Chicago locations and then the footprint would finally connect."

Image: Courtesy of Costa Oil 10 Minute Oil Change