Take 5's First Female Franchisee to Open Six Locations

Nov. 8, 2019

Candice Winterringer is the first primarily woman-owned franchisee for Take 5 and the first franchisee in the state of Oklahoma.

Nov. 8, 2019—Take 5 Oil Change announced that Candice Winterringer is the first woman to join the Take 5 franchisee team. Winterringer and her company, Win T5, have committed to opening six units over four years in Oklahoma City, Okla. Win T5 is the first primarily woman-owned franchisee for Take 5 and the first franchisee in the state of Oklahoma.

Winterringer, along with her husband Brian and brother-in-law John, own WintCo, a multi-unit franchisee of Sonic with 20 locations throughout Oklahoma, Texas and Idaho, according to a press release. They have more than 35 years of franchising experience in the QSR industry. In addition, they also own an accounting and payroll services business geared toward franchisees. Win T5 is a new company formed by her and John to manage their Take 5 franchises.  

“Like many investors, we began looking to diversify our portfolio,” Winterringer said in the release. “Food service was what we knew, so if we were to step outside of that industry, we wanted a franchise that was similar in some basic components, and operationally simple. Take 5 ended up being the perfect match for us."

Winterringer and the Win T5 management team visited with Take 5 leadership and were very excited about their values and vision. They then contacted four other Take 5 franchisees, randomly selected, and the feedback from all four was extremely positive, reinforcing their initial impressions.

“We are excited to have Candice and her team as partners for Take 5,” said Jon Gaiman, Chief Development Officer for Driven Brands. “She has a phenomenal background in franchising and a great record of success that we know will continue as she sets out to grow Take 5 in Oklahoma.”

Win T5 plans to open its first store in March 2020 and the second by September. The six new stores will bring approximately 60 to 70 new jobs to the 11-county area.

“Take 5 is a great organization and we are very excited to bring more of the Take 5 model to the citizens of Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas,” Winterringer said.