J.D. Power Study Reveals Which Auto Brands Give Drivers Most Grief

July 3, 2024
The 2024 U.S. Initial Quality Study from J.D. Power reveals what automotive brands give drivers the most problems.

J.D. Power’s recent 2024 U.S. Initial Quality Study reveals what automotive brands give drivers the most problems, reports the Street.

The study ranked automakers based on how many problems are encountered for every 100 vehicles. The industry average turned out to be 195 problems per 100 vehicles, with mass market brands averaging at 181 problems per 100 vehicles and premium brands averaging at 232 problems per 100 vehicles.

The Best Performers

Coming out on top with the least amount of problems was Ram, which displayed 145 problems per 100 vehicles. It was followed by Chevrolet with 160 problems, Hyundai with 162 problems, Kia with 163 problems, Buick with 164, and Nissan with 166.

When looking strictly at luxury brands, Porsche displayed the least number of issues: 172 per 100 vehicles. It ranked in 8th place total, and was followed by fellow luxury brand Lexus with 174 problems.

Ford comes in at 9th place with 179 problems, followed by Honda, which displayed 181 issues.

The Worst Performers

The bottom 10 performers on the list are populated by multiple EV makers, with Polestar performing the worst of all at 316 problems per 100 vehicles.

It’s followed in performance by Dodge, which ranked the second worst of all brands with 301 problems. Tying for third worst were Tesla and Rivian, which both came in at 266 problems per 100 vehicles.

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