Photography: Hire Out or Do It Yourself?

Oct. 29, 2020

Is it easy enough to take pictures of your facility on your phone, or should you hire out a professional to get the job done? Get both perspectives in this week's blog.

Oct. 29, 2020—Social media marketing is one of the best marketing tactics we have. According to Olivia Hensley in a NOLN story on Three Tech Tools to Boost Business, you have to be digital to make your business thrive, and survive for that matter.

With social media, it's important nowadays to show off what your shop has in store, which means pictures are everything. Pictures of your business will give customers a lot of insight into your business, and the more pictures, the more familiar a customer can get.

This then poses the question: should you take pictures of your facility on your own phone, or should you hire out a professional to get the job done? According to Liz Giorgi, co-founder of Soona, a creative content platform specializing in curated photography for businesses, it depends on what your photography goals are.

Here are some things to consider when thinking about doing it on your own or needing some outside help.


She advises business owners to utilize their own photography skills and photo editing apps if they are just starting out, and she has some great tips for those that are new to cell phone photography. Giorgi says there are many apps that can make your photos look better, too. [Check out NOLN's December 2020 issue for her full tips].

“We truly believe that being able to create great assets and content is created with your cell phone,” Giorgi says.

Or, Hire It Out

When you've over-utilized your phone as your main photography asset, it may be time to upgrade, especially when you're ready to take your business to the next level, Giorgi says. In fact, data does show that professional images will help you sell more product. Shop owners just need to know where their business is at and what is reasonable for them to afford.

"The most important thing is just knowing when you're ready to upgrade," she says. "If you're more of an A-lister in the industry, you need to have your images reflect that."

When hiring out a photographer, it's also important to find one whose portfolio matches what you want to create. If you want to feature your people, find a photographer whose portfolio is filled with senior pictures, families, and headshots. If you want your images to highlight your facility, however, find a photographer with an architectural portfolio, featuring buildings, rooms, and more.

"Match their portfolio to your dream image," Giorgi says.