Nine of the Most Absurdly Extravagant New Cars

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There are the cars that you and I drive, and then there are super cars. They boast gaudy features, such as a eye-popping amounts of horsepower, and the luxurious comforts you’d find in a five-star hotel’s penthouse suite. The Geneva International Motor Show, which opens to the public Thursday, will offer us a chance to see automakers one up each other with such extravagant features. Here’s a look at nine of the most over-the-top vehicles at the annual show:

1. Opel GT 

Over-the-top features: This concept car sports front tires that are bright red, which are typical of the flashy look that was designed to evoke emotion. The red tires are also reminiscent of a colorful 1970s rendition of the GT2, which featured banana yellow paint and matching hubcaps. The doors — which are electric — open when you press a touchpad on the roof.

The only people it makes sense for: Anyone comfortable with a car without door handles or side mirrors.

2. Peugeot Fractal 

Over-the-top feature: There are speakers built into each seat of the concept car. The idea is for the bass to reach the inner ear of passengers through the listener’s body rather than air. (You’ll still be able to hear the music even if your back isn’t pressed against a seat.) Peugeot said this will deliver a more intense listening experience. Peugeot worked with sound designer Amon Tobin, who believes all cars will eventually have customized sounds, such as the option to select a sci-fi theme to have your vehicle sound like a podracer.

The only people it makes sense for: Wealthy sound aficionados.

3. Lamborghini Centenario 

Over-the-top features: The body of the car is built entirely of carbon fiber. The lightweight material was used to increase the car’s power. The Centenario has a top speed of 217 mph and goes from 0-60 mph in 2.8 seconds. The external mirrors are heated.

The only people it makes sense for: Anyone who collects speeding tickets, and has $1.9 million to blow on a car.

4. Bugatti Chiron

Over-the-top features: This supercar has a 1,500-horsepower engine, which is about the same as nine Honda Civics combined. Its top speed is 261 mph, making it one of the fastest vehicles on the planet. Bugatti said it designed the car to fit the human spirit of crossing boundaries and setting records.

The only people it makes sense for: Billionaires and millionaires who want a two-tone paint job on their $2 million ride.

5. DS E-Tense

Over-the-top features: French automaker DS spent 800 hours designing, testing and producing the interior of this electric concept car. The spare tire is held in place with calfskin. There’s also a timepiece on the center console that can be detached and worn as a watch as well as a helmet harness.

The only people it makes sense for: A driver wanting an electric supercar with French craftsmanship.

6. Spyker C8 Preliator

Over-the-top feature: The leather interior is available in 14 different colors. Buyers have the option to get a five-piece luggage set that Louis Vuitton is making exclusively for Spyker.

The only people it makes sense for: Spyker said it’s targeting “discerning connoisseurs.” The Dutch company will make 50 of the $350,000 vehicles.

7. Rimac Concept_One

Over-the-top feature: The electric car has a top speed of 221 mph.

The only people it makes sense for: Anyone who wishes their Tesla was faster, and more expensive. (The Concept_One costs $933,000 before taxes.) 

8. Lamborghini Huracan

Over-the-top features: It accelerates to 124 mph in less than 10 seconds.

The only people it makes sense for: Those who insist on getting a Lamborghini but want a more “affordable” model. The Huracan sells for about $200,000, a fraction of the cost of other new Lamborghinis, some of which cost several million. The next-lowest-price new Lamborghini is the Aventador, which costs about $400,000.

9. Toyota Kikai

Ridiculous features: There’s a small window at the driver’s feet in this concept car, offering a glimpse at the movements of the suspension and tires.

The only people it makes sense for: Those who have always wished the driver’s seat and steering wheel were positioned in the middle of the vehicle.

This article originally appeared on The Washington Post

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