Mom Leaps on Moving Car to Rescue Her Daughter From Carjacker

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Some stories are what nightmares are made of, and sadly, this happened to a mother in Dallas, Texas. While dropping off her son at day care, Crystal, like many moms, made the decision to quickly rush into the facility while leaving her older child in the car. What she didn't know is that someone was waiting for the opportunity to do the unthinkable. It's beyond chilling to think about a man carjacking a vehicle with a child inside ... but that's what happened in Crystal's situation.

Thankfully, Crystal's 7-year-old daughter was unharmed after she jumped out of the moving vehicle -- but not after getting the scare of her life.

As you'll see in the surveillance video posted by the Dallas Police Department, Crystal's world was completely turned upside down, all in the blink of an eye.

With two small children, I find this very hard to watch. I'm trying to think how I would react if I were in Crystal's shoes.

I. Just. Can't.

From how it sounds, Mom didn't spend that much time inside the day care, and yet, it was just enough for this creep to hop in her car. Even with her pleas and seeing the 7-year-old in the backseat, this guy didn't care. He was determined to steal Crystal's car without a care in the world for her little girl.

Would I tug on the driver-side door to try to get it open? You're damn right I would. Would I hop on the back of the trunk to yell at my sweet baby to jump out of the car? Yes, ma'am. There's nothing I wouldn't do to try to get my child out of that situation -- and if it means taking a "joy ride," then so be it. You always hear about children being abducted, and how crucial those first 48 hours are.

Not my child, and not today ...

I'm beyond thankful Mom and daughter were able to walk away from this horrific situation with their lives and health. Yes, Crystal's vehicle is still missing, and yes, she also lost cash after a tussle with the criminal, but all of that is replaceable.

Man, hearing about this incident -- and watching the video -- is such an eye-opener. I'm always paranoid about "what if" scenarios that I never leave my kids in the car, but I can see many parents doing something like this without thinking twice about it. Whether you're checking in your kid at day care or returning a Redbox movie, you just never know what can happen in a few seconds.

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