Seven Tips for Carwash Equipment (Infographic)

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The Professional Carwashing & Detailing editors regularly write and/or share content related to the importance of equipment maintenance for car care businesses.

When equipment malfunctions or breaks down, a carwash could be forced to shut down operations, leading to an even bigger hit to the bottom line than just from costly equipment repairs/replacements.

In PC&D’s February cover story, “Going the distance with equipment,” Group Assistant Editor Maria Woodie explains how an effective maintenance plan can ensure productive and profitable carwash operations.

“Running a productive and profitable business is a priority for any successful carwash owner,” says Woodie in the article. “However, owners and operators can fall short of achieving this objective if an issue with the facility’s equipment arises.”

Proper maintenance is crucial for smooth carwash operations, and in turn happy customers. And, although this task might seem overwhelming and even costly to sufficiently sustain, the positives of proper maintenance outweigh any negatives.

“Oftentimes, maintenance is simply looked at as a cost to decrease,” says Nathan Bertsch, director of special projects for Tommy Car Wash Systems, in the article. “And while I don’t ever want to waste money, I prefer to look at proper maintenance as a way to protect my investment.”

Bertsch continues in the article, “Maintenance costs are an integral part of the business, and the price of performing the maintenance prior to failure will represent a smaller increase in cost per car compared to the damage done to your equipment (and reputation) when you have to shut down for hours or even days to repair a failure. And it isn’t just Murphy’s law that will cause failure on your busiest day — it’s the extra stress on the equipment that naturally occurs that will force you out of the game.”

To help car care businesses protect their bottom lines by ensuring optimal equipment performance, PC&D created the helpful infographic below.

Download the infographic here.

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