'Not something you see every day': Pack of 20 Lamborghinis pulled over in southeast Ga.

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It's no surprise that these cars were hard to miss for state troopers waiting at the county line.

The drivers of 20 high-performance Italian sports learned a valuable lesson after they were recently caught flying down a Georgia interstate: You're never faster than the police radio.

The Statesboro Herald reports that the Georgia State Patrol was notified on Thursday by callers reporting 20 Lamborghinis doing over 100 mph down I-16 in Emanuel County.

These extremely fast - and extremely rare - cars are an uncommon sight on this interstate which spans the distance between Macon and Savannah, Georgia - so they naturally got a bit of attention. And they were hard for Georgia State Patrol troopers waiting at the Bulloch-Emanuel county line to miss.

Troopers ended up pulling over the vehicles, though they weren't going over 100 mph at the time - but were speeding nonetheless. According to the Herald, it turns out the drivers were from all over the world and had joined up to drive down to a charity car show in Florida.

11Alive has also heard from a driver who happened to be behind them and it turns out that "only" about 14 of the cars were Lamborghinis. The rest included two MacLarens, two Audi R8s and two Ferraris.

After getting what was described as a stern speech from troopers about speeding and following too closely, the car enthusiasts were given warnings and allowed to head on their way.

Troopers told the Statesboro Herald that the drivers were very understanding. The Georgia State Patrol told 11Alive that since there were no charges, there also weren't any official reports about this unusual moment.

Just a good story for some Georgia troopers to bring home about a moment one described as "not something you see every day."

This story was written by Christopher Buchanan and originally appeared on 11alive.com

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