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July 8, 2020

Aftermarket repairers and modifiers are leading the way in ADAS calibration and testing processes.

July 8, 2020—In June, SEMA held a live web event to demonstrate how some aftermarket organizations are incorporating ADAS into their work. From the legislative efforts to the processes in shops, the rulebook is being written for how repairers and modifiers maintain OE calibrations while performing their work.

ADAPT was there for the online presentation to bring readers a suite of stories.

Web Event Takes On Aftermarket ADAS Concerns

The rapid adoption of ADAS systems coming from OE factories has left an information gap for independent repairers and aftermarket installers. Collision shops are on the front lines of this change and have invested big in calibration equipment. How can repairers keep up with the trends coming out of OE factories?

Aftermarket-Modified Vehicles with ADAS an Increasing Trend?

As ADAS features become more in-demand with customers and vehicles—more than 60 million vehicles in the U.S. are equipped with ADAS technologies—some shops have begun to see requests from customers to install aftermarket systems in their vehicles. Maintaining functionality according to OE specs can be a challenge.

This article explores some of the most common ADAS features that modifiers are meeting in the shop.

ADAS Calibrations on Unconventional Vehicles

What if you're fabricating an aftermarket bumper and need to relocate all those sensors? How do you calibrate emergency brake features after installing a lift kit? 

These are questions that modifiers are starting to tackle with the help of extensive testing efforts. Read about how these companies are able to modify in the ADAS era.