Subaru Recalls 1,182 Solterras for Faulty Repairs

Feb. 14, 2023

After a previous recall on the Subaru Solterra and bZ4X, the company has recalled 1,182 more Solterras due to previous repairs not being done "properly."

Feb. 14, 2023–Subaru has recalled 1,182 Solterras for loose hub bolts on vehicles due to faulty repairs performed after a previous recall, Consumer Affairs reports.

The Solterra and bZ4X were recalled prior to this, and Subaru has said that the cause for this second recall was “a third-party contractor which it says did not properly complete the repair procedure required on the previous recall.” 

This resulted in some bolts under-torqued and wheels coming loose off vehicles. Those who could be impacted by the issue have been directed to not operate their vehicles until it is addressed.

Affected car owners should be contacted by Subaru, but anyone who owns a vehicle that could possibly be affected should check the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s recall website. 

Vehicles that have been recalled may be inspected and have their hub bolts tightened at a Subaru dealer’s service center for no charge.