Shops Use Oil Changes to Give Back

April 29, 2019

Quick lube and auto shops are using their businesses to give back.

An auto shop in Reno, Nev., had trees planted for every oil change to celebrate Arbor Day, reported KTVN.

The shop, CoAuto, did this on April 26 through a partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, which has multiple ways to donate trees. Owner Lucido told the news station that the trees will be planted in a National Forest.

That’s not the only good deed getting press recently. Radio station WKDQ reported on an Evansville, Ind., shop that worked with a local church to give free oil changes to single moms.

The Hills Church and Express Lube joined to offer the oil changes once a month. According to the article, they will be offered for seven hours on designated days and can handle four cars per hour.

That’s potentially 28 single mothers served through the program.

There are other examples across the country of quick lube shops giving back to their communities. Recently, we highlighted a Deleware Meineke shop that gave away more than 350 oil changes on Veterans Day and the Super Lube chain’s introduction of a miltary discount.

What other ways are quick lubes giving back to their communities? Let us know at [email protected].