Who Needs a Ski Lift? Nissan Reveals SUV That Can Swap Its Wheels for Snow Tracks

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Nissan has unveiled a new 'extreme' prototype to take on even the harshest winter conditions.

The Rogue Warrior sits atop heavy-duty triangular snow tracks, each nearly three feet high, in a design that boasts the ability to climb Canadian ski slopes at up to a 45 degree incline.

The Warrior was modified by Quebec-based Motorsports in Action, and was designed specifically to tackle snowy conditions.

Nissan debuted the snow-crushing crossover at the 2016 Montreal International Auto Show.

In a transformation of the Nissan Rogue, the company's highest selling model in Canada, the Warrior can handle a variety of environments.

But, with heavy duty snow tracks each measuring 30 inches in height, 48 inches in length, and 15 inches wide, the Warrior is best equipped for the snow.

The model uses the Dominator track system from American Track Truck, along with adjustments to suspension, application of custom snow guards, and slight tunings in the body that set it apart from the standard Rogue.

Staying otherwise true to the Rogue design, the Warrior uses advanced Xtronic transmission and all-wheel drivetrain.

The truck can breach 60 miles per hour and scale a snowy incline with a ground clearance of 23 inches.

Along with its reveal at the Montreal International Auto Show, where it will be on display until January 24, Nissan has launched a video to show the truck's full capabilities.

The Rogue Warrior can only be driven by an expert, and 2015 Micra Cup champion Olivier Bédard takes on the job as official driver.

In the video, the truck climbs the 30 degree slopes a ski resort in northern Quebec.

'In the automotive industry, it's the norm to develop a prototype and show it to the world through photos or a static auto show display, but with the Rogue Warrior—we had to do something more,' says Steve Rhind, director or marketing at Nissan Canada.

'When the all-wheel drive system on the Rogue and Nissan's advanced Xtronic transmission are matched with snow tracks, it results in something spectacular—a Rogue capable of overcoming severe, off-road winter conditions.

'This video shows an entertaining side of our brand's persona, and does justice to the extreme capabilities of the Rogue Warrior—an idea developed and executed entirely in Canada.'

The Rogue Warrior has strong acceleration from a standing start due to a wide gear ratio, and communicates driving conditions to a control unit, which selects the best pattern for the current situations.

Nissan says the Rogue Warrior is an extension of the company's 'Conquer All Conditions,' crusade. 

This article originally appeared on the Daily Mail

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