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Targeting the Problem

Solid Start True Brand introduced its GDI Induction, Fuel System Cleaner and GDI Emissions Control System Cleaner. The cleaners are dispersed as vapors throughout air intake systems, targeting intake valve deposits left behind.

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Smart A/C

Mahle Service Solutions has another product ready for its debut. The ArcticPro ACX1185 A/C service machine is for vehicles that use R134a refrigerant, and the ArcticPro ACX1285 machine is for vehicles using the new R1234yf refrigerant. The ArcticPro ACX1185 and ACX1285 are fully integrated service equipment and include the TechPro automotive diagnostic system, which integrates A/C diagnostics and HVAC system testing seamlessly into the service process. Technicians can automatically identify a vehicle and access data, training information and software updates wirelessly with the bluetooth-enabled VCI. Controlled by a large, seven-inch LCD touch screen, Smart A/C units can generate customizable reports to show vacuum graphing and leak rates as they happen. Both machines have remote service capabilities and have the option to expand to external displays.

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Groundbreaking Service

Valvoline introduced its EasyGDI Fuel System Service featuring Power Dispersal Technology. The fuel system service removes carbon deposits from hard-toreach intake valves, piston tops, cylinder heads and fuel injectors in GDI engines in just over one hour using basic tools, a canister apparatus and shop air. The service features an intake cleaner, fuel rail cleaner and a complete fuel system treatment. The unique technology, a revolutionary chemical formulation, allows 10 detergents to melt away carbon deposits and circulate to the toughest places to clean in a GDI fuel system without painstaking labor or an intensive dismantle of the engine and fuel system. The results include improved injector flow, improved fuel economy and power, and elimination of rough idle, hesitation and knocking.

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That’s a Fact

Afton Chemical’s website for its All the Facts on Automatic Transmission Fluid campaign offers videos, education and informational tools to help educate on the importance of automatic transmission fluids and service. The ATF on ATF program is supported by some of the automotive fluid industry’s leading OEMs, chemical engineers, industry trade associations and oil companies.

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Power Steering Solution

Lubegard announced its Synthetic Power Steering Fluid for all European, North American and Asian vehicles. (Honda fluid is recommended for Honda vehicles.) The fluid is formulated with a base synthetic oil and a proprietary additive package that includes patented technologies: Synergol TMS and Liquid Wax Ester (LXE) for anti wear protection. Synergol TMS is a non-active, phosphoruous-free surface molecule composed solely of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. It contains no other toxic, corrosive, metallic or polluting elements. LXE allows heat transfer making the Synthetic Power Steering fluid heat stable. The combination of these two technologies prolongs the life of the power steering system unit and makes the operation smoother and less stiff. The Power Steering Fluid is effective in a wide range of temperatures, and its additive package protects seals and hoses, reducing the risk of power steering leaks and prolongs the life of parts.

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Xtreme Muscle

Throttle Muscle recently added its Xtreme Brake Fluid Exchanger to its line of product offerings. The Xtreme Brake Fluid Exchanger allows shops to flush all four calipers at once with its four-way octopus adapter. This means no hoses need to be disconnected, reducing the chance of spills.

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Filter in a Filter

Hubb has introduced its new oil filter designed for engine protection. Hubb’s patented filter-in-a-filter design is made with surgical stainless steel weave. The filter’s design and functionality improves oil flow by fivetimes while capturing more contaminants from combustion so engine oil stays cleaner, longer. The filter is reusable and washable, eliminating the need to dispose of used filters in landfills.

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Garage Gurus

Federal-Mogul Motorparts designed its new tech first service called Garage Gurus with technicians in mind. Garage Gurus trains and informs techs of the rapidly changing vehicle repair industry. The Garage Gurus training program is available onsite, online and on demand.

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Performance Service

BG Engine Performance Restoration announced its three-step GDI fuel system cleaner. BG EPR (PN 109) softens and dissolves hard-to-remove deposits from piston rings. It also restores fuel economy and power. The BG Extended Life MOA (PN 115) engine oil supplement strengthens engine oil to withstand high temperatures and pressures. It also ensures reliability of critical engine components and extends engine life. BG 44K (PN 208) provides quick cleanup of carbon-covered piston tops, fuel injectors and other crucial areas. It reduces problems caused by deposit buildup, such as engine surge, stalling, stumble, hesitation and power loss. BG 44K restores engine performance and improves drivability.

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Flexx It

AGS Company introduced its Flexx-Fit brake lines. The 12-inch brake lines are flexible, shock-resistant and corrosion-proof. The lines have 4,000 psi of working pressure and 7,000 psi of bursting pressure. They can be used in temperatures as low as -50 F (-46 C) and as high as 250 F (121 C).

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Mr. Smooth

Hunter Engineering Company announced its Quick Tread drive-over tread depth unit in a flush mount configuration. The flush mount system features a clean, level grade installation and offers a smooth approach. The drive-over tread depth system, both surface and flush mounts, can be easily added to existing Hunter Quick Check systems, Hawkeye Elite aligners or installed as a stand-alone system.

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Cool Blue

Bluechem Canada introduced its Air Conditioning Service for professional auto service shops. The two-step product cleans and refreshes the A/C system. It is easy to use, non-toxic and antiallergenic. This water-based product kills 99.9 percent of spores, mold and allergens. It is alcohol-free and safe to use.

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Magical Glass Cleaners

Shurhold released its Magic Wool Pads for removing stubborn water spots from glass surfaces and rust and oxidation from chrome, stainless steel, copper and brass surfaces without scratching. Magic Wool Pads are custom-blended from high-grade, bronze metallic wool and are rust-resistant and ultra fine. They come in two sizes: hand pads and polisher pads. Magic Wool Hand Pads come in packages of three. Magic Wool Polisher pads come in packages of two.

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