Thieves Targeting Cars with LS V8 Motor

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Two minutes. That’s all it takes for a crook to steal your car. A startling new trend is growing in SoCal and the San Francisco Bay Area: thieves are going after Camaros and Corvettes, not just because they look good but for what’s inside—their high horse power motors. We are seeing a spike in this type of theft in the SF Bay Area and Los Angeles.  

On the new hot list:

  • Late-model Camaros
  • Corvettes, Chevy Trailblazers, the SS model
  • Pontiac GTO's with the V8

According to CHP investigator Marc Hinch, “stock security isn’t good enough anymore. These thieves know exactly what they want and it’s easy.” But, Ravelco will stop those thieves before they take a thing. This popular anti-theft device has been around since 1976 and 4 million units have been sold. The Ravelco is effective and reliable at preventing auto theft.

CHP Investigator Hinch says it takes thieves less than two minutes to take off with a car. It’s then stripped and ditched.

How Ravelco works is simple yet complex:

The small device is installed in the dash, if the plug is removed the vehicle will not start. Unlike any other car security devices, the Ravelco wires are protected with steel under the dash so thieves can't reach them. Even if they did, all the wires are the same color so they won't know which one to grab. This means thieves have no way to hotwire your car. 

Ravelco is recommended by the Motor Vehicle Forensic Service and Car and Driver Magazine. Ravelco has also partnered with AAA. The anti-theft device has been featured on CBS Evening News, ABC and many other national news outlets. 


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