Residents Say Dozens of Cars Towed From Their Homes

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Residents of the Orange Park North mobile home park say they were outraged after their cars mysteriously disappeared over the weekend.

Those residents say they later found out 60 of their cars were towed over the weekend without notice - after originally thinking they were stolen.

Several residents who had their vehicles towed said they did not want to speak on record, out of fear of retribution from the owner of the property Moor Enterprises.

"Two mornings ago, I saw two ASAP Towing trucks pull into the parking lot. I didn't think anything of it," said Mary Ellison, who lives in the park.

Ellison lives in the park and says the tow company, ASAP Towing & Storage Co., threatened to tow her daughter's car.

She says there are rules like no parking on grass, but that her daughter had actually parked on her driveway.

The only reason the car wasn't towed, she says, was because she was home.

"I couldn't afford the towing bill," said Ellison.

Ellison says it wasn't until after the fact, she says the notice of the upcoming tow was posted, not on her vehicle, but on the side of her home where she wouldn't have ever looked for it.

Management at the property says their company, Moor Enterprises, told them not to comment.

Moor Enterprises says they aren't aware of any issues with towing.

The tow company, ASAP Towing & Storage Co., says they were just doing their jobs.

This article originally appeared on First Coast News

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