Prankster Dresses as Batman and Becomes an Uber Driver

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Imagine if your uber driver turned up... and he was Batman in a Batmobile-style Lamborghini. 

For some lucky Californians this became a reality when famous prankster Josh Paler Lin dressed up as the masked hero to give lifts in his sports car for the day.

According to Lin's fake uber profile he's simply Ming and drives a Toyota Prius so passengers get quite the shock when he arrives. 

His first target is a young woman. 'I'm your uber driver,' he says is gravelly tones to the baffled woman.

'Are you serious?' she laughs before he introduces himself as Batman, 'Is this for real?' 

Next up is a man outside a Starbucks. Each time Lin speaks to them on the phone as 'Ming' to ascertain their location before changing his voice à la Batman.

This article originally appeared on Daily Mail.

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