Sylvania Automotive Lighting Commemorates National Car Care Month by Shining Light on Headlight Maintenance Best Practices

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SYLVANIA Automotive Lighting, the leader in automotive lighting solutions for the automotive aftermarket and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), is supporting the Car Care Council, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating motorists on the importance of regular vehicle care, by commemorating National Car Care Month throughout the month of April.

“In addition to checking lubricants and fluid levels, looking under the hood, and ensuring brakes work properly, drivers must not forget about a very important safety component – a vehicle’s headlights.”

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“National Car Care Month in April is an ideal time for motorists to focus on their overall vehicle maintenance needs after the wear and tear caused by winter weather,” said Rich White, executive director of the Car Care Council. “In addition to checking lubricants and fluid levels, looking under the hood, and ensuring brakes work properly, drivers must not forget about a very important safety component – a vehicle’s headlights.”

Headlights are an active safety item and the first line of defense on a vehicle; if drivers cannot see objects on the road, they cannot react. To spread further awareness on automotive care, SYLVANIA Automotive Lighting recommends vehicle owners follow four best practices when it comes to proper headlight maintenance, not just during National Car Care Month, but year-round:

Understand the choices in headlight performance levels: When it comes to headlights performance, many consumers should know that there are a variety of choices available on the market to help suit their individual needs. For instance, there are options available that offer brighter down road visibility or whiter light which improves contrast and helps drivers distinguish objects on the side of the road better than basic headlights.
Replace before burnout: All too often, vehicles with a burned out headlight can be found traveling on dark roads, posing a risk to both the driver and others on the road. With one headlight out, drivers are essentially seeing half as well as they potentially could. If a vehicle owner cannot remember the last time headlights were changed, it may be time for replacements.
Always replace in pairs: It’s very important to replace headlights in sets of two. Since headlights dim over their lifetime, a new bulb paired with an old bulb will create an uneven field of vision, which can be a major distraction on the road for both drivers and oncoming traffic.
Do it yourself: Changing a vehicle’s headlight bulb can be a simple process that doesn’t require a mechanic or service professional. In fact, various online guides and resources exist to help consumers swap out headlight bulbs in a matter of minutes. Consult the vehicle’s owner’s manual for bulb/headlight replacement procedures, needed tools and safety precautions. Always wear safety glasses and work gloves, as well.

“Asking a simple question such as, ‘do you want to see better when driving at night,’ can help motorists understand the importance of changing their headlights for an improved on road experience,” explained Brian Noble, marketing manager, SYLVANIA Automotive Lighting. “Updating a vehicle’s headlights can affect the lives of drivers and their overall experience on the road. Better headlights can help improve visibility and increasing chances of seeing objects sooner in the event of an accident or hazardous road conditions. This is a simple maintenance check that drivers of all ages should prioritize when it comes to overall road safety.”

The SYLVANIA SilverStar® family of headlights include a variety of headlights to suit individual needs and driving styles. Of note, SilverStar ULTRA is SYLVANIA Automotive Lighting’s brightest downroad headlight, designed with a whiter light that can help provide more visibility down the road and to the side of the road for drivers.

To learn more about National Car Care Month, go to or search #CarCare on Twitter.

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