Tesla Recalls Model X For Seat Problem

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Tesla is recalling Model X SUVs after discovering a flaw in the third-row seats of the production vehicles. Tesla is advising current owners to continue using their Model X as they normally would, but to refrain from using the third row of seating until the recall can be performed.

Tesla says customers should not allow people to sit in the third-row seats in the Model X until the problem is fixed. Tesla said that tests in Europe exposed the seat latch failure before the SUV's delivery there.

Tesla told Autocar UK it has worked with its supplier to create a new recliner design which resolves the issues, with all replacements expected to be complete in the next five weeks.

The Model X, distinguished by its gull-wing-style, upward-opening rear seat doors, went into production a year ago.

Tesla has booked more than 325,000 orders for its Model 3, a $35,000 sedan meant to broaden Tesla's market share, since its unveiling March 31.

Still, analysts say that investors considering putting money into Tesla would likely be better served weighing the company's long-term cash demands instead of worrying about an isolated recall.

Moreover, the supplier of the seats, Australia-based Futuris Automotive, will bear the cost of repairs as it is a manufacturing defect. Meanwhile, the company is riding high on the Model 3 reveal. In this particular case, Tesla's slow production became advantageous, but with over 276,000 preorders, bringing Tesla Model 3 flawlessly to the road is going to be a daunting challenge. A total of 2,700 examples of the Model X are recalled voluntarily by Tesla Motors and the event managed to raise a lot of eyebrows.

During the test, "the recliner in a third row Model X seat unexpectedly slipped", Tesa wrote in its email to affected customers. Tesla sent an email to owners explaining the issue. 

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