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The holy grail.  Everyone in every field is always looking for it.  If only we could find it first.  The next big thing is exciting, profitable and fun.  The category of GDI fuel systems is providing such an opportunity now. Everyone is scrambling to solve this problem/opportunity as the next big thing.

This column is not about the next big thing.  Now it meets the definition of opportunity.  Big target, check.  Easily understood by consumers, check.  Easy to present, check.  Easy to perform, check.  Fast to do, check. 

Sometimes the big opportunity is right under our noses, but we can’t see it.  Sometimes it is hard to see, and it’s not glamorous.  You look for it on every vehicle that comes in.  You tell every customer when they have the problem every time, and then you usually stop.  You send them down the road with a recognized problem and no solution offered. About 10 percent of your guests will say, “yes” when offered.

How do I know this?  Because it has been around for decades.  A simple, effective pour-in that slows and even stops oil leaks: an engine sealer.  Rear main seals leak, and the quicker you address it, the longer you can help your customer prevent an expensive fix. A fix that typically amounts to $1,500-$3,000.

Most fluid manufacturers include a sealer additive in their products, but eventually the problem will show itself.  Left unaddressed, you don’t have to be a psychic to see the future: messy driveways and a big hit to the budget.  You can help them and yourself.

You check and note all weeps, seeps and leaks to cover yourself.  You let the customer know and then — goodbye.  The biggest challenge to selling any add-on is the effort your employees put into explaining more sophisticated services, justifying the high price.  That just isn’t a problem with an engine sealer.

A problem they can see and a repair that is expensive and can be postponed.  It’s certainly worth a try to prevent such things. I have customers that have offered this for 30 years!  I know the failure and success rates. 

It is worth a try for you, too.  Pick up a case, and you’ll see the results fast.  Contact your vendor, get the samples and buy a case.  No time or trouble to implement.

The next big thing? Sounds like it’s worth a try. I’ll see you at the shows.

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