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Clean Future

Throttle Muscle recently introduced its FX805 One Step Synthetic Fuel System Cleaner TM5853. FX805 is a synthetic fuel system cleaner that deeply penetrates and thoroughly cleans fuel injectors, intake valves and combustion chambers to restore fuel economy and reduce emissions.

Independent tests have proven FX805 Synthetic Fuel System Cleaner provides an average of up to 2.3 percent fuel mileage increase after just one treatment.

For more information call 480.414.5274 or visit:

Product Identification

Rhino Tuff Tanks released its snap on placard that attaches to the end of every maintenance fluid line in the shop, saving technicians time and avoiding mistakes.

The RTT-4083 Placard Assembly Kit includes a blank four-inch by six-inch placard and locking ring.

For more information call 630.527.9933 or visit:

Solvents & Surfactants

Oil Eater has introduced an ultra-concentrated powdered floor cleaner in a 38-pound bulk case that is economical to use by keeping waste to a minimum.

The product uses a specially formulated combination of non-petroleum solvents and surfactants to pull grease, oil and dirt from soiled floors and other areas in automotive maintenance, industrial and machine shop locations, among others. One scoop per mop bucket is all that is needed to maintain proper dilution and control overuse. It can also be used in a floor scrubber or even a spray bottle.

For information, call 800.528.0334 or visit:


Braking Innovation

Wagner, a global leader in braking innovation, is expanding its offering of premium replacement brake rotors featuring E-Shield protective coating technology, which prevents unsightly corrosion and related complaints commonly associated with uncoated parts.

Wagner premium rotors also offer patented, application-specific vane configurations that provide superior cooling for exceptional stopping performance and reduced noise, vibration and harshness.

For more information, call 1.800.325.8886 or visit:


Handy Cleaner

Serious Multi-Purpose Cleaner (SMC) from Shurhold Industries is a professional-grade automotive cleanser that works on many surfaces, saving time and money by eliminating the need for numerous maintenance products.

SMC is a scientifically formulated, multi-purposed cleaner that removes dirt, grime and stains from a variety of surfaces, including glass, fiberglass, vinyl, rubber, carpet and acrylic. It cuts through black streaks, lifts exhaust stains and cleans carpet blemishes.

For more information, call 800.962.6241 or visit:


Servicegram Fliers

Tenneco has launched its new Monroe Shocks and Struts Servicegram and Walker Emissions Control Servicegram. These free, monthly technical fliers provide automotive service professionals and counter professionals valuable insight into two of the industry’s brands.

Published monthly and available electronically, Monroe and Walker Servicegrams will provide hands-on learning through step-by-step how-to articles, relevant technical tips and more.

For more information, visit:



Information Access

Motoshop Technology Tools released a major update to MotoLogic Repair & Diagnostics, a tool for automotive technicians that provides access to repair, diagnostic and service information for 98 percent of vehicles on the road today. The new addition includes a dynamic search function allowing users to access OEM vehicle data by keyword from a vehicle subsystems menu or by following the OE table of contents.

A new VIN decoder feature speeds up the process of determining any recall-related service issues and enhanced quick specs information helps save technicians time.

For more information, call 855.770.6686 or visit:


Tire Changer

Bosch announced the expansion of its tire changer line in North America with the introduction of the TCE 4275 swing arm air motor tire changer designed for high-volume shops. The changer uses a rigid frame for greater strength and durability.

The 4275 air motor changer features increased capabilities for larger wheel and tire combinations; up to 28-inch external and 30-inch internal clamping.

For more information, call 800.551.2228 or visit:


Seal the Leak

Bar’s Leaks recently introduced its Valve Seal Oil Consumption Repair, a professional-grade chemical repair for valve seals that have shrunk, hardened or cracked due to engine heat, age, high mileage or inactivity during storage.

The repair kit contains a specially engineered valve seal additive that restores valve seal size, flexibility and elasticity. Coupled with this additive is an advanced seal polymer that builds a polymeric film around the valve seal to prevent excess oil from bypassing the seal during normal engine operation.

For more information, call 800.345.6572 or visit:


Spark Your Future

Autolite has announced its Iridium XP Enhanced Alloy Technology spark plugs are now backed by a lifetime limited warranty against electrode wear and defects in materials and workmanship.

Autolite spark plugs are available for most domestic and import cars and trucks, offering more than 95-percent coverage, through a wide variety of automotive parts suppliers and aftermarket retail outlets. The Autolite Iridium XP plug incorporates an iridium-enhanced 0.6 mm finewire design, a V-trimmed ground electrode and proprietary platinum sidewire technology to offer durability, better ignitability and more reliable performance compared to standard plugs.

For more information, call 855.200.5200 or visit:


Advanced LED Design

Hella has expanded its 90mm LED module series with the introduction of a new generation of advanced 90mm LED modules. The new L4060 LED series is offered in low beam, high beam, and fog light modules. The design of the modules is compact and allows up to three light functions in one module without the need for additional electronics. The modules are suitable for universal application on a wide range of both OE and aftermarket vehicles.

For more information, visit:

Maximize Power Steering Performance

Royal Purple has released Max EZ, a synthetic power steering fluid specialized for power steering systems in cars in trucks.

Max EZ allows for greater wear protection, better system performance, and helps extend fluid and pump life.

Max EZ is also designed to handle the stresses of extreme off-roading and motorsports. Even under extreme conditions, Max EZ ensures system components run cooler, quieter and longer while providing increased overall efficiency.

Royal Purple Max EZ is suitable for use in any car and truck hydraulic power steering systems and is compatible with any OEM and stock replacement power steering fluids.

For more information, call 888.382.6300 or visit:

Red Kap Expands Color Offerings on Most Popular Shirt

Red Kap, a automotive apparel manufacturer, is now offering the Crew Shirt in two solid colors – black and charcoal.

The iconic Crew Shirt was previously available in seven racing-inspired color-block patterns, including the newly launched charcoal/orange and black/lime styles. The new black and charcoal versions offer a more traditional alternative to the modern color-block options.

Touchtex fabric technology resists stains, improves moisture wicking to keep the wearer cool and dry and retains color for a vibrant, clean appearance wash after wash and it is engineered to maintain its integrity after multiple washings in industrial-grade laundry facilities, helping extend the life of the garment even in the most rigorous working conditions.

For more information, call 1.800.589.1084 or visit:



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