Pennzoil Receives First Next-Generation dexos1:2015 Approval

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The Pennzoil brand has successfully achieved the first Lubricant Marketers approval in the industry for the next generation General Motors dexos1:2015 specification.

The objectives of next generation dexos1:2015 are improved fuel economy, turbocharger deposit control, aeration, stochastic pre-ignition (SPI) control, oil oxidation and piston deposit control, as well as accommodating the new SAE J300 viscosity grades. 

Many of these changes are due to the growing trend of smaller, more fuel efficient engines. Within the engines, the higher compression ratios among other factors have created a phenomenon commonly referred to as Stochastic Pre-Ignition (SPI) or low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI).

The dexos1:2015 specification holds motor oils to the same stringent requirements as GM’s most advanced engine technology. New dexos1:2015 is backwards compatible with previous dexos1 requirements.

GM dexos1:2015  testing contains specific proprietary tests that are not included in current industry standards. Meaning, GM dexos1:2015 approved oils exceed the performance of today’s conventional oils. 

SOPUS Products, the maker of Pennzoil branded products, is committed to bringing the latest technology meeting the toughest requirements to the consumer. SOPUS Products’ ability to innovate is exemplified by PurePlus Technology a patented, revolutionary gas-to-liquid process which converts natural gas into a base oil with lower friction, better low temperature properties and greater stability than conventional motor oil made from crude.

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