Close to a Million Mercedes-Benz Cars Recalled Over Takata Airbags

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Takata has had to deal with a host of problems ever since it was found that the company’s airbag inflators had faulty parts which could explode in certain conditionsand cause shrapnel to enter the cabin, potentially harming drivers and passengers. Since then many car manufacturers who used Takata’s inflators have recalled millions of their cars to replace the faulty airbag inflators and now Mercedes-Benz is joining that list.

Close to one million Mercedes-Benz vehicles are affected, some are currently under recall and some are now being recalled to replace the inflators. The cars range from Mercedes-Benz sedans, convertibles, and even cargo vans

Mercedes-Benz has received no reports yet of any injuries or deaths being caused in its cars by these Takata inflators but nevertheless, this is an issue that the company needs to come out ahead of, which is why it’s going to recall all of these cars.

Tens of millions of cars from manufacturers like Honda and Toyota have already been recalled in the United States. It was recently reported that auto safety regulators are examining whether up to 90 million additional Takata inflators need to be recalled because they may also pose a risk to drivers and passengers. The recall is expected to top more than 120 million cars in the United States from various manufacturers.

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