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Keep It Clean

Penray Inc. has introduced its new cleaner for mass air flow (MAF) sensors, part number 2520. While there are other MAF sensor cleaners on the market, this new formula is designed to be plastic-friendly.

It is well known that the delicate fine wire that senses the flow of air entering the induction system is subject to contamination. Dust, oily vapors and other contaminants can collect on this very fine wire, forming a layer of insulation that can cause it to provide inaccurate information to the car’s engine 

management computer.

The attachment point for the mass air flow sensor is usually a small plastic clip. Often aggressive solvents, like typical carburetor cleaners, can damage delicate plastic pieces. Penray 2520 is specially formulated to effectively clean the sensitive component without harming plastics, coatings or adhesives.

Use of Penray’s MAF sensor cleaner is easy. The sensor element is typically accessed by unsnapping a few retaining clamps and lifting off a piece of plastic ductwork to reveal the fine sensor wire. This wire is very fragile; physically touching it is not possible without likely damage. Once the sensor is removed from the duct, several sprays of Penray 2520 will quickly dissolve deposits, so the full length of the wire is once again free of contamination. Newly exposed to the rush of incoming air, the sensor is able to perform its job properly and accurately.

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Clear the Shield

Throttle Muscle InvisiRain TM7246 Glass and Windshield Treatment helps improve wet weather driving, repels rain and reduces adhesion of sleet, ice and snow to exterior glass.  It is as simple as wipe on, wipe off and it’s ready to go.  Quick and easy service to offer after replacing wiper blades as an added bonus for customers. This product was formulated to complement wiper blades. 

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Impact the Environment

Nu-Tier Brands has introduced a new brand of lubricants called Ecose. Ecose is a full line of automotive, commercial and industrial lubricants t

hat meet or exceed industry standards and OEM approvals. Many of the Ecose products also provide a level of environmental benefit.

Developed through strategic partnerships, Ecose enables customers to balance their environmental, social and financial goals. Complete with programs and services designed to help minimize the impact on the environment, Nu-Tier reduces the risk of contamination and overall total cost of ownership through the Ecose all products warranty, the Ecose condition monitoring program, the Ecose lube tag program and Nu-Tier’s technical support program.

To assist in the identification of the environmental performance of an Ecose product, Nu-Tier has developed and assigned an environmental performance icon to each of the Ecose products and viscosity grades.

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Take It to the Max

Solid Start recently added a new premium diesel product to the True Brand product family. True Diesel Max has been proven to increase horsepower, torque

, fuel economy and boost cetane numbers while simultaneously cleaning, lubricating and reducing emissions in diesel engines.

This concentrated product is uniquely formulated to improve diesel fuel combustion, clean the fuel system and fight moisture damage.  It cleans by dissolving gums, varnish and carbon deposits while adding lubrication, oxidation and corrosion protection for diesel fuel-system components.  True Diesel Max cleans and lubricates injectors, valves, upper cylinders and rings and improves power, torque and combustion efficiency while helping reduce exhaust emissions, engine knock and smoke.

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Steel and Plastic

Plasteel wheel weights have passed all OEM-specific laboratory tests and meet the car manufacturers’ quality standards. Tests ranging from rim retention to chemical resistance, the patented Plasteel product line meets all of the requirements.

The plastic shell acts as a buffer between the hard steel core and the softer aluminum wheel. This allows Plasteel weights to go on, and come off, the 

wheel with no damage. The plastic shell also acts as a vibration dampener allowing for easy application.

This product is made of steel and plastic. The steel recycling process involves grinding the products, which will detach plastic from steel. The result is that both materials are recycled, without causing any damage to the environment.

Plasteel has a tight and precise fit against the wheel. There is no gap between the rim and the weight body, which gives Plasteel the look of a traditional lead weight.

For more information, call 888.558.7854 or visit:


Let There Be Light

Built for the toughest jobs and environments, Coast’s HL8R LED headlamp offers the best, most feature-rich light available. It is a high-powered headlamp designed for multiple applications and professional-level indoor and outdoor use. It produces up to 800 lumens of bright light and also utilizes Coast’s patented Pure Beam Focusing System.

For convenience, the lithium battery pack will recharge directly in the pack case. It can also be powered by four AA batteries in a separate pack that is in

cluded. Both battery packs are rubber sealed for comfort, water resistant and can be removed and attached to a belt with the extended battery cord that’s also included.

The HL8R has high, medium and low output modes that can be adjusted with the easy-to-use Variable Light Control Technology. It has a runtime of more than four hours in high mode and up to 62 hours on low mode — tested to ANSI standards.

For more information, call 800.426.5858 or visit: www.coastportland.com


Shine Bright

Shurhold’s Pro Polish is scientifically formulated to provide long-term protection and a high-gloss luster. Pro Polish is ideal for almost all vehicle surfaces,

 including clear coat, fiberglass, gelcoat and metal. Different from a standard petroleum wax, Pro Polish is a polymer-based formula that contains superior UV inhibitors. The product provides a deep, long-lasting, glossy shine that repels spot-forming water and protects the surface from oxidation.

Unlike other waxes and similar products, Pro Polish doesn’t contain talc powder as a filler. It buffs out in less time and produces virtually no waste. One layer is all it takes to protect a vehicle. It’s easy to apply by hand or with a machine polisher.

For more information, call 800.962.6241 or visit:


Software Solutions

Mitchell 1 recently announced the latest release of its ProDemand automotive repair, diagnostic and maintenance information software, which includes a new, component-centric display of search results that makes it easier for auto repair technicians to quickly find real-world solutions to solve even the

most uncommon problems.

SureTrack Real Fixes are now grouped by probable component, allowing technicians to see the list of components that are associated with the code or symptom they searched, ranked in order from the most likely to least likely component at fault. This targeted result helps technicians prioritize their diagnostic strategy when researching a vehicle issue.

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Get a Grip

GearWrench added nine new impact socket sets to its expanded impact product line.

Sockets are made from impact-grade chrome molybdenum alloy steel (Cr-Mo) for exceptional strength and durability and have a corrosion-resistant coating to reduce rust. All also feature high-visibility laser-etched and secondary hard-stamp markings for quick and permanent size identification. Sockets are designed with surface drive technology, virtually eliminating the rounding of fasteners.

Select standard and deep sockets feature a parallel neck-down design, providing increased access in tight spaces. Universal impact sockets are available in either standard or deep styles for additional access. New GearWrench Pinless Universal Impact Sockets are also available for ultimate access and durability.

All socket sets come packed in a durable blow molded case or mounted on a heavy-duty plastic clip rail. Each set is covered by the GearWrench lifetime warranty and made to provide hard-working technicians with famous GearWrench quality and value.

For more information, call 800.621.8814 or visit:

Find Your Voodoo

The new Voodoo Ride product catalog showcases simplified car care products that customers will find easy to use while providing results quickly.

Voodoo Ride interior and exterior car care products are clearly identifiable by their unique packaging and are named to clearly describe the product’s fu

nction. The new catalog highlights the full North American Voodoo Ride line, plus products for international customers. Some of the top products featured include: All Surface Detailer that instantly cleans, polishes and protects virtually any solid surface inside or outside of the vehicle; Juju-Wash and Wax Concentrate, a one-step wash and wax solution featuring specially formulated carnauba wax; and Silq-Synthetic Cleaner-Polish-Sealant, a three-in-one product that provides a long-lasting, high-gloss finish to clear coat and painted surfaces.

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Reel It Up in Stainless

Coxreels now offers complete stainless steel reels and powder-coated steel reels with stainless steel fluid paths. Now customers can choose between 316 and 304 grade stainless steels for their fluid paths on many reel types to best match the necessary corrosion resistance of their reel according to the application.

Coxreels stainless steel reel spools and frames will remain 302/304 grade stainless and are optionally available in an electro-polished finish for additional corrosion resistance.

302/304 and 316 are the two primary stainless steel types used in the reel industry. With inherent metallurgical differences, each category offers different levels of corrosion protection and cost. The 302/304 are the most commonly used stainless steels and are found in most applications where corrosion-resistant steel is required, such as food and beverage, sanitation, dairy, pharma, appliances and sinks. 316 grade stainless steel is commonly considered the most corrosion resistance of the stainless steel grades and can be up to four times more resistant to corrosion than 302/304.

 Coxreels offers both grades in several of the larger series. Most series have a default standard, which can be altered through the custom reel process.

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