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If only I could really answer this question, how happy would life be?  I don't possess that power even after 33 years of marriage with Catherine, I'm still trying to figure just one out.  Or three if you count my daughters, Betsy and Cate. I've tried asking them, but I don't think they even know themselves.  But last week I did get one answer, clean bathrooms.

When the ‘idiot’ light for low coolant appeared while on vacation, we do what we've always done, find a quick Lube. We were in Traverse City, Michigan and our GPS directed us to J Lube Services on 14th street. Not a customer, yet, we pulled into the shop and met Kevin Roush, the store manager.

He took care of our issue promptly while Catherine and I took care of other pressing road needs.  I couldn't help noticing how clean the shop looked.  Floors, walls, landscaping, signage, furniture, other than the wrong brand of chemicals, everything was spot on. In Traverse City, in July, the shops are busy, this one sure was when we pulled in.  But everything sparkled on our mystery shop.

I went to find the waiting room, and hopefully the bathroom, when I realized there was none.  The bathroom was in the bays and used by customers and employees alike.  With some trepidation, I opened the door hoping for the best. I thought I walked into a fine hotel. This was gorgeous!

Beautiful chandelier, paintings, floor and hardware all around. It was totally unexpected and super clean. Catherine, being smarter than me, had already found it.  When I came out, she was in a vibrant conversation with Kevin. The topic, you guessed it, the bathroom.  It is the first thing she checks out in restaurants and quick Lubes.  If the business takes pride there, she trusts everything they do. Catherine even commented on the pleasant smell.  Me? I thought it smelled like money.

Catherine has always been a poster woman for your customers.  It is always about perception transfer.  The consumers take tangible things they can taste, smell, feel and see and decide how well you do your services.  Building trust and repeat business through the little things.

I left out the one feature that overwhelmed us.  A working, electronic fireplace was in there too. Kevin explained that in July it was just the flames, in the Michigan winters it provides the heat too.  He explained that when they got the closed shop three years ago, they redid everything.  He estimated they put under $2000 into the throne room. It still felt brand new.

He also claimed his other shop is even nicer.  We all know the importance of the amenities, how does your bathroom smell, look, feel?

Well done Kevin, and thanks for your hospitality.

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