Dealership Employee Takes Customer's Corvette For Joyride, Gets Caught On Camera

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Taking your car in to the dealership for service should be boring, filled with coffee and a lot of staring at your phone display, but little did this Chevrolet Corvette owner knew what was happening behind closed doors. 

Before dropping his ride at a California dealership, the man engaged the Valet Mode on the Performance Data Recorder, which starts shooting a video automatically once the engine is turned on but lacks audio, due to various laws. 

Rather than catching some of the work being done, along with the usual revs, he was most certainly surprised to see his sports car out on the streets, blasting through yellow lights and driven through traffic at speeds of over 80 mph (129 km/h). 

He subsequently confronted the dealership's employees, who "offered nothing more than a rude apology to make it right", as his post on Corvette Forum explains. "GM Customer Care also would not help. They basically said that it wasn’t their problem, take it up with the dealership. This dealership definitely does not take care of their customers, especially Corvette customers."

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