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Starting from a simple service like car wash to damages like accident claims, Carzip takes care of everything related to your car. With a vision of standardization of services across the service centers by setting up metrics for service quality, Chandra Kasiraju,

Co-founder & CMO, Carzip Technologies and Raghuram Kondubhatla, Co-Founder, Carzip Technologies came up with Carzip, a personalized car care app that services your car with transparency and convenience. BW Disrupt got into an exclusive conversation with them to explore more on their services and long term strategies’:  

Q- What inspired you to build this service?

A-   Carzip is a car care app connecting customers with verified multi brand service centers across Hyderabad.  Today we are partnered with 20 of them covering all parts of the city and by the end of July 2017, we target to partner with 100 of them across Hyderabad.

Q-What are the features that all potential Carzip users should know about?

A-   Through Carzip app, customers are given to choose any service from any of our verified service centers.  The growth in the car care centers opens up new avenues for us too.  We would tie up with more of them to increase our portfolio of our offerings.  Also, this would provide our customers with more choices.

Q- How do market yourself to attract customers?

A-   Firstly, we have set a few SLAs with our service partners.  We would ensure that these are adhered to by them.  Secondly, we would on-board a team of independent automobile consultants/mechanics, who would be monitoring Carzip's partner network periodically.  This is to ensure we provide consistent service across the service network to our customers.

Q- When we say Assured Quality Service, do you feel that there is a need of skill development of mechanics in India? Is anything that you are doing for the same?

A-   To convince the service centers to be part of our journey is the toughest part.  To make them believe in what we believe, to make them understand the SLAs, metrics and to make them convinced on the overall business model is a tough challenge.  Through persistent efforts, we could slowly build trust in their minds to partner with us.

Q- According to you, which is the app in your domain which has set its strategy right?

A-   We have set a few aggressive targets for ourselves.  We intend to have 100 service centers on our platform by July 2017 and want to service at least 40% of their capacities through Carzip.  This would give us over 50000 cars on our platform in the next 12 months and set us for growth in other cities too.

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