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Filtration Expansion


Purolator, a manufacturer of innovative automotive filtration products for the aftermarket, recently announced the introduction of 16 new part numbers to its lines of filtration products, extending coverage to an additional 6.9 million passenger vehicles on the road today.

The company introduced 11 new part numbers to its recently refreshed line of Purolator-branded products, including five cartridge oil filters, three air filters and three cabin air filters. Additionally, five new part numbers were introduced to the PurolatorTech professional grade line including four cartridge oil filters and one spin-on oil filter.

The new part numbers fit popular models such as the Jeep Grand Cherokee, Ford Mustang, Volkswagen Passat, Ford F-150, Nissan Altima and Ford Fusion.

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Tread On

Hunter’s drive-over tread depth system is now available in a new and improved flush-mount design. The design ensures zero obstructions or obstacles in the inspection lane and a smooth drive-through inspection experience. Flush Quick Tread is entirely flush with no protrusions or bumps that may cause vehicle damage.

Hunter’s Quick Tread system automatically measures the tread depth of each tire in seconds. The unit captures 280,000 data points across a two-inch segment of the tire and generates a point cloud — a three-dimensional model of the customer’s tire. Results are presented in a digital report and on an easy-to-understand, customizable printout.

Driven by Hunter’s WinAlign software, all measurements are processed on-site in seconds. No 

Internet connection is required to process measurements, and there are no recurring monthly subscription fees. Hunter’s Quick Tread is available as a stand-alone system or can be paired with Quick Check to identify additional service opportunities including alignment, battery, tire pressure, diagnostic trouble codes and braking balance.

The secret to the enhanced flush design is the new embedded control box that functions as the brain of the Quick Tread system. The control box is entirely weather-resistant and dust-proof to ensure maximum protection from the elements.

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Power Up

Clore Automotive recently introduced Model PL4020, a 2A x 4 Channel 12-Volt Battery Maintenance Station, from Solar.  The unit combines fully automatic operation and the ability to properly charge most lead acid battery types.

The Pro-Logix PL4020 utilizes advanced microprocessor-controlled logic to precisely deliver a fully automatic charging routine designed to optimally charge and maintain each battery serviced. Each channel is fully independent, so a problem battery on one channel does not impact the rest of the batteries under charge. This also allows charging of any combination of battery types across the four channels, as the battery type is selected uniquely for each channel. The PL4020 features the ability to properly charge a wide variety of lead acid battery types, including conventional, absorbent glass mat, spiral wound, start-stop, deep cycle and marine batteries.

The Pro-Logix PL4020 adapts its approach based on the needs of each battery it services. Such adaptations can include activating a soft start mode on deeply discharged batteries, a battery repair mode on older batteries and temperature compensation when charging in extreme temperatures. It also incorporates numerous features to make charging safer for the operator and the vehicle/battery being charged, including over-voltage protection, reverse polarity protection and battery fault detection.

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Mess Free Coupler

LockNLube recently released a Grease Coupler that has an innovative design allowing operation of grease equipment hands-free, without messy leakage onto the machine.  When the thumb lever is depressed, it pulls a sleeve back against a spring, and four jaws open, allowing the coupler to slip onto the zerk/grease fitting. Once the lever is released, the spring pushes the sleeve forward, locking the jaws in place. Once the jaws are locked, the coupler will not leak and will not pop off — even at up to 10,000 pounds per square inch.  There is no need to hold the coupler in place while greasing. When you are ready to remove the coupler, simply press the thumb lever.

Inside the coupler is a replaceable rubber seal, which is pushed forward onto the zerk by the flow of grease, so the greater the grease pressure, the better the seal. This seal allows the coupler to adapt to differences in grease fittings and is designed to work with both metric and society of automotive engineer’s fittings.

The LockNLube Grease Coupler is only one millimeter larger in diameter than a standard coupler and is easily released from recessed fittings, because it releases straight back and doesn’t need to be twisted to the side. It fits manual, electric and air grease guns and uses a standard one-eighth of an inch national pipe

 thread hose connection.


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Protection and Comfort

Magid recently introduced DuraComfort, the newest work glove in the mGard industrial grade series.

These gloves are equipped with an ultra-durable, super high density, HPPE fiber blended shell and provide DuraComfort’s combination of tough protection and bare-hand comfort. Its extra grip, polyurethane coated palm channels away oils, and its form-fitted design offers flexible dexterity. 

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Shine Bright

Optronics International recently expanded its Opti-Brite LED work lamp line, with the introduction of five new Opti-Brite Wide-Angle LED Work Lamps. Unlike conventional LED work lights, each of the new lamps features a slim profile and a noticeably convex lens that produces a 40-percent wider area of illumination.

Work lamps are used in, on and around a wide assortment of vehicles and within a vast array of challenging environments. New Opti-Brite Wide-Angle LED Work Lamps provide users with an enhanced light beam that augments lateral visibility by almost half. The lamps also carry an IP69K rating, the highest designation available for water, steam and particulate ingress testing, meaning increased reliability and service life when subjected to severe environmental conditions or cleaning methods.

The selection of five models offers a wide range of effective lumen outputs capable of meeting the needs of a broad variety of situations. All five wide-angle LED work lights feature ultra-smooth polycarbonate lens surfaces that resist dust adhesion, and each lamp is constructed with a durable, die-cast aluminum housing and comes with a tough, stainless steel mounting bracket. The lamps are designed to accommodate both 12- and 24-volt electrical systems.

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Ready for Lift Off

Stoner Car Care cleaning products recently announced the release of Mötsenböcker’s Lift Off automotive stain, grease, ink, paint and adhesive removers.

Lift Off products break the molecular bond, protecting the surface of automotive interiors and paint finishes. The patented EnviroScience formula removes tough stains and grease from carpet and upholstery, as well as spray paint, graffiti, bumper stickers and adhesives without using harsh chemicals.

Lift Off helps maintain automotive upholstery, carpeting, trunk interiors and child safety seats without harsh chemicals that can damage surfaces and leave lingering odors. Lift Off easily removes coffee, food, dirt, blood and pet messes without the use of water or additional equipment. It can easily remove pen, ink, markers and permanent markers from metal, plastic, leather and vinyl. Other benefits include removal of stickers, tape, adhesive, spray paint and graffiti.

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Leak Detector


Tracer Products has introduced a full line of leak detection products that pinpoint the exact source of each and every leak. Tracerline TP-8621 is a leak detection kit that contains everything needed to find all leak sites in air conditioning and fluid systems. 

At the heart of the kit is the Opti-Lite 6-LED blue light leak detection flashlight.  This cordless, economic, compact unit gets into tight areas otherwise unreachable by larger, more cumbersome lamps. It features power comparable to 50W lamps and has an inspection range up to two feet or more. The LED lifetime is rated at 100,000 hours.

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