The Launch of CAKNOW's Real-Time Quoting App for Consumers and Auto Shop Owners

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CAKNOW is a leading automotive app technology that connects auto repair shops and consumers on a real-time quoting basis. CAKNOW understands how time-consuming an auto repair can be. Therefore, CAKNOW provides a simple yet efficient system that makes the repair and maintenance process between vehicle owners and auto service professionals easier.

The CEO of CAKNOW Technology, Vance Xiang, has worked in automotive industry for over 20 years. He realized that it is very time consuming to find out a reliable auto repair shop without over pricing. Therefore, he decided to start up CAKNOW Technology to establish a platform that brings trust between consumers and auto shop owners. Moreover, Vance believes that “Time is Money” in the 21st century. He determined to create an app that can bring automotive service at everyone’s fingertips. He wants CAKNOW to become the best solution when people encounter a hassle of automotive service.

CAKNOW aims to simplify the complicated car repair process. Once consumers request a service on CAKNOW, they will get real-time quotes from nearby auto service providers. Once a chosen quote is accepted, an appointment is set and off to the shop. That is the user-friendly way CAKNOW creates to provide easy auto repair experience. Furthermore, in order to optimize the automotive service, CAKNOW has a feature that consumers can directly communicate with the repair shop, sending photos and videos for a more accurate assessment and quote. CAKNOW makes the experience of auto service easier than ever.

CAKNOW also serves as a platform where auto service providers receive local service requests from potential customers in real-time. Shop owners just need to register their auto shop through or download the mobile CAKNOW service provider app. After the shop verification, the auto shop can start receiving service requests. Bringing more customers is simply the first step CAKNOW aspires to provide to auto shop owners. CAKNOW ultimately aims to help auto repair shop from customer acquisition, auto part delivery and financing, to equipment financing. CAKNOW determines to provide a platform that can benefit auto service seekers and providers at the same time.

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