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Treat It Right

Lucas Oil recently introduced its new Complete Engine Treatment, which is designed to clean injectors and the whole fuel system. It attacks deposits on intake valves and controls carbon in the combustion chamber while providing the extra lubrication that Lucas is known for — both in the upper cylinder area through addition to the fuel and as an oil treatment. It is good for gasoline and diesel engines and can be used for automotive, marine and off-road vehicles.

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Premium Packaging

Pennzoil has streamlined the look of its entire portfolio of high-performing motor oil to be sold in all-yellow, quality packaging representative of the premium product inside.

Pennzoil’s same technologically advanced formulations are now in high-quality, easy to find all-yellow packaging. 

In addition to the color change, the new bottles will feature an improved heavy-duty cap for easier opening, along with optimizedergonomics for easy pouring and handling. More new features include clear product tiering across the entire portfolio with color-coded caps and labels, as well as prominent placement of viscosity grades to aid in navigation.

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The Synthetic Edge

Castrol recently announced the launch of Castrol Edge Bio-Synthetic, a new approach to motor oils.

Castrol Edge Bio-Synthetic uses Castrol’s advanced eco-engineering to combine Fluid Titanium Technology with 25 percent renewable plant-based materials to deliver a motor oil that is both Titanium strong and more environmentally friendly than ever before. 

Castrol Edge Bio-Synthetic motor oil will also be certified carbon neutral, with the carbon dioxide footprint associated with th

e production, packaging, distribution and storage of the product offset through BP Target Neutral. 

Castrol’s technologists have harnessed the natural lubricating properties of plants to create an oil that combines the high level of performance required by today’s car engines with the use of renewable sources by using 25 percent plant-derived oil compounds.

Castrol Edge Bio-Synthetic exceeds the fuel economy performance criteria set by the American Petroleum Institute (API SN) and the International Lubricants Standardization and Approval Committee (ILSAC GF-5). The 25 percent bio content is endorsed on pack by the USDA Certified Biobased Product label.   

The Castrol Edge Bio-Synthetic range includes 1 quart and 5 quart sizes and viscosity grades that cover the great majority of cars in the US. It will be available to purchase from Amazon and selected outlets in January 2017. 

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Strut It

OTC recently introduced the new Strut Tamer II Extreme, available with stand, to assist technicians when replacing struts.

The OTC Strut Tamer II Extreme is a replacement for the Strut Tamer Extreme, building upon the strength and safety of the

original model. New features include forged locking jaws as well as larger pads and offsets to clamp onto and compress springs even tighter than before. To provide additional strength, stability and safety, the compression arms are thick 5/8-inch steel. Locking trunnions allow for optimal stability during spring compression. Additionally, arm-locking rings eliminate the need for tools to adjust. The Strut Tamer II Extreme is available with a stand that has wheels for moving easily around the shop.  


With suspension system maintenance being imperative to sustain overall stability and vehicle handling, the OTC Strut Tamer II Extreme is capable of safely compressing even the largest strut systems. The OTC Strut Tamer II Extreme meets the new American Society of Mechanical Engineers Portable Automotive Service Equipment safety standards for spring compressors.


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No Seeps, No Leaks

Oil leaks on older, high-mileage vehicles are usually the result of aging seals and gaskets that are losing the ability to keep oil from seeping out of the engine. Unfortunately for the owners of these vehicles, finding the cause of the leak and then replacing the bad seal or gasket is a time-consuming and expensive job. For customers who can’t afford a mechanical repair, Bar’s Leaks has an inexpensive solution. New Bar’s Leaks Professional Main Seal Motor Oil Leak Repair is a high-tech synthetic blend of seal restorer additives and polymers to stop all engine oil leaks.

Oil leaks commonly occur as engine seals harden and shrink from the plasticizers being removed over time, and as the miles add up. Extended storage can also cause drying and hardening of seals, leading to shrinking, cracking and consequently leaking. Other oil stop leaks on the market can stop some leaks, but not all of them. Some may even degrade the motor oil.

Bar’s Leaks Main Seal Motor Oil Leak Repair works in two ways to solve engine oil leaks originating at the rear or front main seal, as well as camshaft, crankshaft and timing cover seals. It has a specially engineered seal-rejuvenating additive that restores seal size, flexibility and elasticity lost due to engine heat, age and high mileage. The packaging contains an advanced seal polymer additive that works by building a polymeric film around the seal to help prevent excess oil from bypassing the seal during normal engine operation.

Bar’s Leaks Main Seal Motor Oil Leak Repair is safe to use in all gasoline, diesel, turbocharged and racing engines. It works with all types of motor oil, including regular petroleum, high mileage, synthetic blends and fully synthetic. A 1 quart bottle treats oil capacity from 5 to 7 quarts and can easily replace a quart of oil when needed or during an oil change.

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Stick to It

Plombco recently launched StickPro, a new brand of adhesive wheel weights and related accessories.

The passenger car market is trending toward more flangeless wheels, and adhesive wheel weight usage is likely to increase. To meet the market needs, Plombco has increased its product offering to include a variety of colored adhesive wheel weights, which include black and chrome, multiple packaging options (boxed or in rolls) and a choice of many sizes (from ¼-ounce to 2 ounces).

Plombco manufactures its adhesive wheel weights in steel, lead and zinc for the passenger vehicle, motorcycle and truck wheels.

The StickPro brand, in addition to the adhesive wheel weights, also includes a full line of tools, accessories and cleaners necessary to properly remove the existing weight and leftover adhesive residue.

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Mann Up

Mann-Filter, a manufacturer of innovative oil, air, fuel and cabin air filters for the automotive aftermarket, recently announced the introduction of 102 new part numbers available for immediate order.

The new parts extend Mann-Filter’s coverage to reach more than 2.6 million new European vehicles. These significant introductions increase Mann-Filter’s already robust coverage by 2.5 percent in the oil filter category, 6 percent in the air filter category and 2.9 percent in the cabin air filter category.

The new part numbers provide original equipment fit, form and function for popular makes such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Subaru, Volkswagen and Toyota.

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Move with Ease

JohnDow Industries recently launched its latest innovative product for the automotive tire and service industry. The Tire Taxi is specifically designed to make moving tires and wheels through storage areas and service bays simple, fast and safe. It increases shop efficiency and productivity while decreasing injuries and promoting safety.

Equipped with four heavy-duty casters and a load capacity of 265 pounds, the Tire Taxi can move up to eight tires or five tire and wheel assemblies. Its many uses include moving tires from the storage area, transporting wheel and tire assemblies from the vehicle to the tire changer, and stacking tires for display purposes.

In addition, the Tire Taxi EX is an extended height version of the Tire Taxi. With an overall working height of 23 inches, the Tire Taxi EX creates a more ergonomic working height for the technician that helps to improve work posture, avoids unnecessary lifting and reduces strain on the back, knees and shoulders.

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