Drivers Can Rev Up Life on the Road with the New Meineke Revvy

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Meineke Car Care Centers recently announced a revolutionary innovation in vehicle maintenance — the Meineke Revvy, a vehicle connectivity system that puts auto maintenance on auto pilot and delivers freedom and peace-of-mind for America’s drivers.

The Meineke Revvy connects to vehicle’s onboard diagnostic system, creating a fully connected car that delivers freedom from worries about vehicle maintenance, peace-of-mind and deeper insight into vehicle performance — no matter who is driving — and onboard WiFi that turns the car into an entertainment center.

“The Meineke Revvy will improve the entire driving experience — changing how vehicles are driven, maintained and repaired with the industry’s first onboard system that connects cars and drivers,” said Danny Rivera, president of Meineke Car Care Centers. “Not only does the Meineke Revvy learn and monitor you and your car, but it also links you to a trusted service partner, so you are always protected on the road.”

Built on the Vinli platform, with 4G LTE service powered by T-Mobile, the Meineke Revvy delivers a high-tech approach to taking care of the family car or a business vehicle. The device plugs into the vehicle’s OBD-II port and is synced with the car’s computer. Every time the vehicle is turned on, the Meineke Revvy scans all of the diagnostic codes to ensure all are in working order, monitors fuel mileage and tracks vehicle performance and driving style.

Using the Meineke Revvy, drivers can access their dashboard and download a daily driver score and performance report, including: 

·       Miles driven and location of vehicle

·       Average and top speeds

·       Hard brakes/acceleration

·       Fuel used and efficiency

·       Engine load

·       Travel routes and travel time

·       WiFi hotspot data usage

·       Where the vehicle was last parked

·       Vehicle diagnostics and check engine codes

If a check engine code returns an error, the Meineke Revvy notifies the driver that maintenance or repairs are needed. It will also contact the neighborhood Meineke to arrange an appointment. All the driver has to do is drop off their vehicle at their neighborhood Meineke for service.

The Meineke Revvy includes onboard WiFi, powered by T-Mobile’s 4G LTE service: Drivers can create an on-board entertainment network with unlimited music streaming through Music Freedom, including iHeart Radio, Pandora, Amazon and more, and unlimited video streaming through Binge On, including services such as Amazon, Hulu and Netflix, among others, without using your high-speed data, all with a qualifying T-Mobile Simple Choice mobile Internet plan. For WiFi, there is no annual service contract required, so drivers can pick a data plan and use WiFi to meet all their connectivity needs on the road.

It also provides the largest app ecosystem for the car with Vinli. The Meineke Revvy opens up access to a growing app library for drivers, including:

·       MyVinli: The official app to monitor your vehicle, manage your WiFi and browse for other apps to customize your driving experience. 

·       Beagle: Keep your teen drivers safe with Beagle. Track their driving routes and speeds, and set up custom alerts if they stray from the straight and narrow. 

·       Home Connect: Connects your home to your car. Automatically set the thermostat and close the garage when you leave, or turn on the lights when you arrive. 

·       Amazon Alexa: Connect your device to your Amazon Echo, and the Amazon Alexa app will give you insight into your vehicle health, remaining fuel, driver score and much more.

Revvy also offers improved maintenance and reduced repair costs. The vehicle’s onboard diagnostic system is there to alert drivers of vehicle issues or maintenance needs. Knowing what the lights mean and proactively managing the vehicle’s maintenance can save thousands in repair costs and extend the life of vehicles.

The Meineke Revvy is available to pre-order online at: Each Revvy device comes with a complimentary synthetic-blend oil change. Voucher will be provided with shipment.



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