and Coach USA Invest Millions in GreenRoad Eco-Driving Technology

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Coach USA and announced a multimillion dollar investment in a hi-tech eco-driving system for their bus operations across the United States.

Beginning this month (April), 3,200 and Coach USA drivers will start using the GreenRoad system to help reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions, improve customer comfort and cut the risk of accidents. and Coach USA are targeting a three-percent reduction in fuel consumption using the technology, which is being rolled out on its fleet of 2,400 buses. This initiative follows a successful pilot program in the United Kingdom in which a three-percent improvement in fuel efficiency was achieved across U.K. bus operations.

"We have invested a lot of time and effort in implementing the GreenRoad system on our buses in an ongoing effort to reduce our impact on the environment," said Dale Moser, CEO of Coach USA.  "Safety is always our number one priority and this program will not only help to reduce the risk of accidents but will continue to provide a better, eco-friendly customer experience as well."

A key element of the initiative will be a Green Driver incentive program giving employees the chance to earn "green points" for safe, efficient driving that are converted into financial benefits from a potential $1 million annual bonus pool.

The GreenRoad 360 system uses a dashboard traffic lights-style system to provide drivers with real-time feedback on their driving style, including speed, braking, acceleration, lane-handling and turning. Driving decisions are responsible for 90 percent of all accidents and up to 33 percent of fuel spend, according to research by GreenRoad.

"Choosing GreenRoad's Driver Behavior and Fleet Efficiency system is a testament to CoachUSA's and's commitment to environmentally-responsible and safe driver behavior," said Zeev Braude, CEO at GreenRoad. "In addition, fuel-efficient and safer driving will provide more comfortable journeys to passengers. Changing driver behavior requires the commitment of an entire organization, from senior management to drivers. It is impressive to see how efficiently Coach USA and Megabus are managing this change in their fleet safety culture, based on detailed insights and actionable guidance from the GreenRoad system."

All and Coach USA drivers already undertake a Safe, Skilled and Fuel Efficient Driving training program as part of a Certificate of Professional Competence. The GreenRoad system incorporates online reporting, analysis and coaching to help drivers work with their managers to further improve their skills and decision-making for a safer and more pleasant experience for the customer. and Coach USA also uses GreenRoad's new engine idling solution to further improve fuel performance. It is able to focus on specific vehicles or trips to identify unnecessary idling based on agreed thresholds. The sophisticated system is able to differentiate this from unavoidable idling that occurs at traffic lights and junctions.

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