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Updated Diesel Oils

Amsoil recently introduced two new diesel oil product lines designed to deliver exceptional engine protection, reduced wear and prolonged vehicle and equipment life. New Amsoil Signature Series Max-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil and Amsoil Heavy-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil replace the former Premium Synthetic Diesel line and OE Synthetic Diesel line, respectively. The new products are formulated to exceed the new API CK-4 requirement with improved wear protection, stronger oxidation stability, better shear stability, increased resistance to aeration, reduced emissions and improved fuel economy.

Amsoil Signature Series Max-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil represents the top-tier of Amsoil protection and performance for diesel engines. It offers six times more engine protection while significantly exceeding industry requirements. It delivers exceptional cold-temperature performance, reduced oil consumption and top-grade protection for extended drain intervals. It is available in 5W-30, 0W-40, 5W-40 and 15W-40 viscosities, meeting the full OEM specification coverage.

Amsoil Heavy-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oils provide outstanding protection and performance for customers seeking an upgrade over conventional and other synthetic diesel oils. It offers four times more engine protection with reduced oil consumption throughout OEM-recommended drain intervals. Amsoil Heavy-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil is available in 10W-30, 5W-40 and 15W-40 viscosities.

For more information, call 715.392.7101 or visit:

Restore Engine Performance

Penray’s new 2-Step Oil and Fuel Treatment Kit No. 7702 offers a simple-to-use chemical service kit that removes debris and deposits from fuel systems, while fortifying engine oil with a specially-formulated compound that strengthens and extends the life of engine oil. The combination of these two products enhances the effectiveness of any oil change service.

This new 2-Step Kit includes Penray’s Total Fuel System Cleaner, which is particularly effective in dissolving and removing harmful deposits throughout the fuel system. It removes debris, varnish and other contaminants from fuel tanks, fuel lines and highly-sensitive fuel injectors, resulting in more complete and consistent combustion. The result is an engine that is easier to start, is more responsive, achieves improved fuel economy and lower emissions levels.

This 2-Step Kit also includes Penray’s Oil Treatment, which includes detergents and other additives, increasing the lubricity and life of both conventional and synthetic engine oils. The use of this additive promotes easier starting, prevents dry start-ups, and extends the life of critical engine components like engine bearings and piston rings.

For more information, call 800.323.6329 or visit:

Automotive Vapor

Ngen recently introduced LiquiFog for (low) oil, the first advanced formula designed for vehicles with low oil levels. New vehicles are designed to consume more oil than ever before. Low oil levels heighten the risk for metal wear, ethanol corrosion, extra sludge and many other damaging conditions. The fogging formula protects above and in the oil, while also cleaning the intake valves. It also helps improve fuel mileage and prevent costly repairs. Replace 10 ounces of new oil with this product, and protect your customers’ wallets and performance.

Apply one bottle to gas tank. For best results after application, it’s recommended to drive with a full tank of gas. Must have at least one-quarter tank of gas prior to application. One bottle treats up to 21 gallons at maximum effectiveness.

For more information, call 888.643.6776 or visit:

Extended Coverage

Purolator, a manufacturer of automotive filtration products for the aftermarket, recently announced the introduction of 10 new part numbers to its premium oil filter line, PurolatorBoss. Extending coverage to reach 25 million passenger vehicles on the road today, the new part numbers include five spin-on and five cartridge oil filters.

The new part numbers fit popular models such as the Subaru Outback, Toyota Camry, Chevrolet Silverado and Toyota 4Runner.

For more information, visit:

Coolant Test

Acustrip is now offering Shell Rotella extended life coolant test strips. The test strips help determine when the Shell Rotella Antifreeze OAT is lower than the minimum level required by the tested coolant and should be corrected with Shell Rotella ELC Correction Fluid or drained and refilled with Shell Rotella ELC/ELC NF to OEM requirements.

For more information, call 973.299.8237 or visit:

Interchangeable Valve Stems

Autel recently introduced the MX-sensor patented press release valve design, which allows rubber and metal sensor valves to freely interchange by hand, without requiring a tool for sensor head fitting.

Autel MX-Sensors are built to match or exceed OEM sensors in frequency strength and durability. There are only two sensor types to reduce shop inventory and are 100-percent cloneable with no relearn required. MX-Sensors cover 98 percent of all OE sensors and are tested and certified to meet SAE standards.

For more information, call 855.288.3587 or visit:

Payment Processing

Iroquois Merchant Services (IMS), a nationwide provider of credit card based payment processing services, recently announced an industry-specific platform for the fast lube and quick maintenance industry.

Iroquois’ processing platform can function in a standalone environment or can integrate into most industry-specific software solutions.

The platform can accept debit cards for less than 1 percent and credit cards for less than 2 percent with next-day funding. It also includes a free EMV compliant terminal program along with a robust online dashboard for seamless reconciliation. 24/7 in-house service is included as well as a $500 meet or beat rate guarantee.

For more information, call 615.250.1890 or visit:

Close Quarters

For shops that change a lot of tires, but are tight on space, the new Hofmann monty 1270 Tire Changer is the space-saving solution.

Key features of the Hofmann monty 1270 Tire Changer include, a mounting arm that swings to the side, allowing for space-saving installation directly against a wall; a double-acting bead breaker cylinder that ensures precise handling of rims; and a large anti-skid rubber protective pad on the bead breaker head to protect tires and rims. Plastic protectors on mount/demount head are also included to protect delicate alloy rims, which are manually adjusted for non-rim contact operation.

For more information, call 800.251.4500 or visit:

Rust No More

Raybestos Brakes recently announced the addition of RPT Rust Prevention Technology Rotors to its family of brake components. Specially coated with Grey Fusion 4.0, this innovative new line provides maximum protection from corrosion and comebacks and also increases service life.

Many of today’s vehicles have open wheel designs. This allows for complete exposure to all of the environmental elements. When wheels are exposed to corrosive chemicals on the roads combined with the larger open wheel designs, there is a greater likelihood of rapid corrosion to occur on all brake components including the brake rotor. RPT Rotors are ideal for these vehicles in all weather conditions. With 556 part numbers currently available, updated coverage will be added as vehicles become available in the market.

Raybestos RPT Rust Prevention Technology Rotors are qualified by industry standard test procedure ASTM-B117 and SAE Standard G3000 for structural integrity and maximum service life.

For more information, call 800.323.0354 or visit:

Education Outlet

Snap-on recently added three new Diagnostic Quick Tips training videos to its website and YouTube channel to help professional technicians speed up their diagnostic capabilities. The videos are available at no charge and provide training in an easy-to-watch format so technicians can use their Snap-on diagnostic tools to address specific problems on a vehicle.

New Quick Tips training videos include:

  • Toyota Transmission Compensation Coding: From fuel injectors to transmissions, many parts on newer cars need be coded to the vehicle to complete a repair. This Diagnostic Quick Tip shows technicians how to perform a transmission coding procedure on a Toyota RAV4 using a scan tool.
  • Ford Flash Reprogramming - Flash reprogramming is often a necessary part of repairing vehicles nowadays, but the process can be intimidating if technicians aren’t sure how to do it. This Diagnostic Quick Tip shows how to reflash a Ford PCM using a Pass Thru Pro III and Ford J2534 software.
  • Chrysler VVT System Cleaning - For technicians who have ever had trouble with the variable valve timing system on a newer Chrysler vehicle, there is a functional test available to help. In this Diagnostic Quick Tip, technicians will learn how to perform the automatic system cleaning using a scan tool.
Once a Quick Tip has been selected, technicians will see which diagnostic tools the tip applies to, read an overview of the problem and then watch the resolution video.

Hosted by Snap-on national field trainer, Jason Gabrenas, the complete Quick Tips series is free of charge and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week online, so technicians can watch the videos when it is most convenient for them.

For more information, call 877.762.7664 or visit:

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