Eight Ways to Stay Motivated

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There are a few pesky resolutions that find their way onto my (and millions of other people’s) list every New Year. Whether your goals range from not drinking sodas to growing your bottom line, sticking to them proves to require some major motivation.

When the alarm clock goes off at 5:30 a.m. and the daily drone of the workweek sets in, it can be difficult to rally yourself into a productive mood. Not to mention, motivate and lead your team to victory.

To help you have a successful and inspired 2015, here’s a list of eight ways to keep “the troops” (and yourself) motivated:

1.         Create Clear Goals

In order to accomplish anything, you must first create clear goals. Make sure you let your team know what short-term and long-term objectives you’d like to accomplish. If you have a group of people holding each other accountable, it will be harder to throw in the towel when the going gets tough throughout the year (because it will, eventually).

2.         Hire Passionate People

This is a big one. You can teach a coachable person to do just about anything, but you can’t train someone to be passionate about their job. Hire passionate people who are hungry to learn and do the best job they can.

3.         Be a Lifetime Learner

Learning allows businesses to stay ahead of upcoming trends and technology. It also empowers your technicians, management and office staff to do their jobs to the best of their ability.
Encourage your employees to read, complete additional training or go to an industry-related class by setting an example and doing so yourself. You can even offer to pay for any continuing education they choose to take and you approve. After all, a little extra incentive never hurt anyone!

4.         Empower

Show your employees you trust their competency by establishing ground rules and then letting them work within those parameters. Those who can’t handle the responsibility will weed themselves out. The result will be fewer headaches for you and happier employees who feel respected for the jobs they do.

5.         Invite Ideas

Create a working environment that welcomes ideas. While every idea won’t be dynamite, you’ll open a priceless line of communication. Your employees will appreciate the opportunity to be heard and have a sense of ownership while you’ll be able to fine tune your processes to make things run even smoother.

6.         Curb Criticism

If you’re going to invite ideas, make sure your team learns about the importance of deferring judgment. No matter how terrible an idea may be, casting judgment only hinders the brainstorming process. Next time someone shares a solution or idea, stop before you criticize. For every 20 bad ideas, there is at least one good one. Creating an environment that allows ideas to flow will create a happier, more motivating, company culture.

7.         Give It a Rest

It’s easy to get going and forget to take a break, especially when you feel the pressures of running a fast lube. Don’t underestimate the power of stepping aside and taking the time to recharge.
Remind your employees that having balance in their own lives is important, too. Consider periodically hosting an event that allows your staff to get out of the shop and spend time together.

8.         Recognize Results

Keeping up with everything going on day-to-day can be like being the master of ceremonies at a three-ring circus. At the top of your priority list should be periodically recognizing your employees for the good work they do. When people feel appreciated, they also feel motivated to continue doing a good job. A small token of thanks can go a long way in motivating your team.

It’s amazing what a passionate, capable and well-led team can accomplish when they paddle in the same direction. This year, stay motivated and knock some repeat resolutions off your list for good!

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