More European Vehicle Owners Look for Alternatives to Dealership Oil Changes

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Kyle Kress

The average age of a vehicle on U.S roads is eleven years, and European-manufactured vehicles are no exception. These vehicle owners are quite savvy and know their vehicles require “special oil.” Many owners look for high-quality lubricants that are approved by their car manufacturer, even if their vehicle is out of warranty. After many European auto manufacturers stopped offering free maintenance packages with the purchase of a new vehicle, more new-vehicle owners began seeking out alternatives to dealership oil changes.

One challenge to servicing European vehicles is that European engines require different oil formulations than U.S and other foreign vehicles. In Europe, most vehicles are diesel-powered, with gasoline-powered vehicles making up the minority of vehicles on the road. New regulations are being introduced in Europe tightening limits for CO2 emissions and instituting more strict fuel economy limits; European auto manufacturers’ oil specifications are evolving to help provide compliance with these new regulations. More and more, new European vehicles are requiring 5W-30 viscosity engine oil with a mid-to-low SAPS formulation. SAPS stands for Sulfated Ash, Phosphorus and Sulfur. This is a very common abbreviation used when discussing European engine oils. Additionally, many gasoline-powered European vehicles are Gasoline Direct Injected and/or Turbocharged Gasoline Direct Injected powered. This adds additional challenges when formulating to protect these engines.

Look for products that are fully approved by the European automotive manufacturers for use in vehicles in and out of warranty and provide exceptional protection.

With the changing environment of European vehicles on the roads today, it’s the right time to ensure your lube shop has the right products for the European vehicles in your service bay.

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