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Brake TLC

Amsoil Inc. has introduced three new products to better meet the needs of modern brake system maintenance and operation. New Amsoil DOT 3 & 4 Synthetic Brake Fluid, Amsoil Dominator DOT 4 Synthetic Racing Brake Fluid and Amsoil Brake & Parts Cleaner have been precisely formulated to help boost the performance, safety and reliability of brake systems in automotive, racing and powersports applications.

Amsoil DOT 3 & 4 Synthetic Brake Fluid delivers maximum ABS and traction-control performance. The specially designed high-response fluid provides improved cold-weather performance and excellent ABS and traction-control responsiveness. It helps extend the life of essential components, including calipers, wheel cylinders, seals, lines, master cylinders and ABS control valves.

Amsoil Brake & Parts Cleaner is a professional-strength product that quickly and effectively removes oil, grease, brake fluid and other contaminants from brake parts and automotive components. It leaves no residue, helping to reduce or eliminate brake squeal and chatter. Amsoil Brake & Parts Cleaner has a quick-drying, chlorinated formulation that gives drivers and auto technicians the peace-of-mind that they are using one of the strongest and most effective formulas available in the marketplace.

For more information, call 715.392.7101 or visit:

Command the Future

Mastercool USA recently introduced its new Arctic Commander line of RRR machines.

Equipped with the latest technology, all models come standard with an eight inch color touchscreen command center. The graphic interface enables navigation through all of the functions and features with the greatest of ease. There is no longer a need to read any external instructions or paper manuals; simply sit back and watch as the information is played on the color command center.

The Arctic Commander series of machines incorporates a powerful windows-based tablet, making database and software upgrades a breeze. Wi-Fi capability allows for real-time, interactive communication. The pre-installed team viewer program lets technicians access any machine throughout the world to aid with any troubleshooting issues.

Keeping the busy technician in mind, the Arctic Commander machines provide enhanced features such as a visual indicator light, on-board conversion calculator and self-diagnostic check. The visual indicator light provides real-time progress of the machine status. The conversion calculator allows for the immediate conversion between pounds, ounces, grams and kilograms. The self-diagnostic check can be performed with a simple touch of a button.

For more information, visit:

Scan Away

Autel recently announced the release of five new Autel AutoLink professional service tools. One of the newest features for all five tools is the enhanced Auto VIN Identification to quickly scan and identify the vehicle, then read DTCs and search the definition library for code breaker information.

These tools feature the Easy 2 Use tool navigation, easier software updates via the USB cord and enhanced speed and power. Several of the new additions to the Autel service tool line feature the same One Click I/M Readiness Key with LED indicator lights to perform testing on active vehicle monitors, to confirm if DTCs are present.

For more information, call 855.288.3587 or visit:

So Fresh and So Clean

Ecogard’s new “Clean Air” campaign focuses on supporting installers in marketing and promoting cabin air filter changes to their customers.

The “Clean Air” campaign provides unique marketing elements for the installer to use in the garage and in the waiting room, including a technician’s guide, a consumer awareness poster, a consumer awareness counter mat and a consumer awareness brochure.

The technician’s guide is designed to provide a handy tool for installers to identify the part number, location, tools needed and time it takes to install a particular cabin air filter. The consumer awareness brochure provides the installer’s customer background on why it is important to change their cabin air filter and encourages them to have their cabin air filter inspected. The poster and counter mat add messaging support to aid installers in their efforts.

For more information, call 877.229.1814 or visit:

Power Your Lift

Allpart Supply recently introduced a new product that improves the performance and efficiency of vehicle lifts by providing a new hydraulic power unit for automotive lifts.

Allpart is now offering an advanced-technology power unit product for two- and four-post auto lifts, which provides the hydraulic pressure required for raising and lowering vehicles.

Allpart’s new two- and four-post lift power units are ETL tested and certified, pressure-balanced for high volumetric mechanical efficiency and contain a high-performance, pressure balanced pump for fast lift speeds. The 12,000-pound, two- and four-post lift power units feature lowering flow control, a high horsepower and high torque electric motor, a fixed relief valve and low-leakage design valves. They provide a longer lasting, more durable and reliable power supply for lifts.

For more information, call 800.381.1330 or visit:

Drain Away

Alemite recently introduced its new Model 8597 Low-Profile Truck Drain for use in vehicle service facilities. Designed to collect fluid from beneath trucks and recreational vehicles without the need for a lift or jack, this drain completes Alemite’s line of fluid management, dispensing and used-fluid recovery equipment.

The simple-to-use, 20-gallon drain quickly and easily rolls under the vehicle to catch fluids such as engine coolant, transmission coolant, transmission fluid and engine oil. Featuring welded construction, the durable Model 8597 can withstand harsh shop environments.

The drain includes internal baffles and a two-inch lip to reduce splashing. Its removable metal screen keeps out parts and debris. The drain’s three-wheel design provides maneuverability on uneven shop floors, and its extended T-handle offers convenient movement. In addition, the Model 8597 has two female three-quarterinch NPT drain ports — one for evacuation by gravity and one for evacuation by external pump.

For more information, call 800.822.4579 or visit:

Navigate with Ease

Raybestos recently introduced a completely new eCatalog, built using state-of-theart technology for optimal performance. Whether working from a desktop, smartphone or tablet, operators will be able to accurately and efficiently find the part and application data they need.

Key features of the new Raybestos eCatalog include: competitor interchanges, enhanced sorting and filtering, buyers’ guides and search history.

Located on the brand website, the Raybestos eCatalog also contains product specifications, attributes and images, as well as product comparisons with the ability to see up to four at a time. Future updates include 360-degree images, access to technical service bulletins, training materials and more.

For more information, call 800.323.0354 or visit:

Instant Reply

Bolt On recently announced their latest feature updates that enhance the two-way text messaging communication shops have with their customers.

Bolt On’s Inbound Photo Texting feature allows customers to send vehicle photos to shops so they can see and clarify their vehicle concerns and make decisions on how to proceed. This is a free update that is available to all current Message Manager users.

In addition, Bolt On has created more options for shop owners when texting their customers. Mobile Manager Pro users now have the ability to text customers vehicle photos without an inspection report. Shops can simply take a picture, add text and draw on the photo, then send the photo directly to the vehicle owner. This update is currently only available for Mitchell 1 Manager SE and Snap-On ShopKey SE users.

Another highly anticipated update available to Mobile Manager Pro users, is the shop’s ability to send service estimates to customers via text. This feature allows shops to get immediate authorizations on services with just a few taps of their fingers. At this time, this feature is available, for free, to Mitchell 1 Manager SE and Snap-On ShopKey SE users.

This is the first wave of highly-anticipated features added to the Bolt On software on behalf of customer requests.

For more information, call 610.400.1019 or visit:

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