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Let the Cop Take Control

LiquiDynamics recently introduced its new OilCop Fluid Management system. OilCop system architecture, both hardware and software, is designed for maximum flexibility and reliability.

An OilCop system can accommodate any quantity of dispense points with virtually unlimited distance capability, thanks to self-healing wireless mesh technology. The modular OilCop system can be easily configured to fit any service bay layout requirements including one reel per bay. A single fluid command module can control up to four independent dispense points that can operate simultaneously if desired. Each fluid command module has onboard buffering capability and communicates independently with the OilCop controller. Dispense operations can be monitored via any network computer, smart device, technician access console and/or OilCop remote LED display. The OilCop incorporates independent, self-contained, proprietary software, thereby eliminating the need to load software onto existing office computers, which may be subject to conflicts with operating systems.

The system’s meter and communications components are mounted near the solenoid control valve and hose reel, helping to protect it from damage. Plus, there’s no need to constantly recharge metering control handles.

For more information, call 800.894.3572 or visit:

Nothing Gets By

Purolator has launched a new video series titled “Nothing Gets By Us. Nothing Gets By You.” in an effort to further educate automotive professionals about the quality and innovation behind its new PurolatorBoss oil filter and other filtration products for the automotive aftermarket.

The series is comprised of four videos that each addresses a critical piece of the story behind the brand: “The Innovation Behind PurolatorBoss” — Directors of product engineering and operations explain the genesis of the product, its design and the manufacturing process used to bring this filter to market; “Putting Oil Filters to the Test” — The test lab team explains the rigorous tests and procedures Purolator filters must endure before being shipped to customers; “The People Behind Purolator” — Associates provide an inside perspective on producing world-class, quality products; “How Strong is the SmartFusion Media in PurolatorBoss?” — The engineering and facility operations team are asked to test their own strength against the PurolatorBoss 100 percent synthetic media featuring SmartFusion Technology.

The goal of the video series is to provide an inside look at Purolator’s North Carolina-based manufacturing facility and allow the individuals who make the filters to educate drivers and installers about the quality behind the Purolator brand.

The series title serves as a reinforcement of the company’s tagline, “Nothing Gets By Us.” and Purolator’s goal to empower drivers to help extend the life of their vehicles, “Nothing Gets By You.”

To watch the full video series, visit the Purolator YouTube channel at: To learn more about Purolator’s comprehensive line of automotive filtration products, visit:

Faster With Wireless

OTC recently introduced the 3914 wireless Battery and Starter/Charger System Tester, allowing technicians to test battery systems faster and receive a full health report. Compatible with diagnostic software Bravo 2.10, the new tester creates battery, starting and charging system health reports to help diagnose vehicle issues. The results are displayed directly on the Encore or Evolve to create a full diagnostic report.

The OTC Battery and Starter/Charger System Tester works with 6-volt and 12-volt automotive batteries — regular flooded, enhanced flooded, AGM, EV and start-stop. It also conducts 12-volt/24-volt charging/starting system tests and can test a vehicle’s battery charging system to gauge alternator health and troubleshoot charging issues. The tester can store up to 2,000 records and can further assist technicians with diagnosing and reporting system issues by emailing test results to show a customer or to add to a vehicle report.

With battery voltage as low as 1.5-volts, the tester can evaluate batteries and display results through three LED indicators: blue — connected, green — power and red — trouble. The Battery and Starter/Charger System Tester is equipped with a 20-inch cable with durable clamps as well as replaceable test leads and clamps.

For more information, visit:

Grippy Glass Cleaner

E-ZOIL recently introduced Glass Glitz, a new glass cleaner formulated to be streak-free and able to dissolve film, light to heavy soils, fingerprints, bugs and other hard-to-remove items.

When shaken, the unique formula in this product helps the bright orange solution cling to glass. This makes Glass Glitz ideal for cleaning vertical surfaces because normal glass cleaners tend to run quickly. In addition, Glass Glitz has a pleasant odor neutralizer formulated to kill odors at their surface.

Available in a 32-ounce bottle, Glass Glitz won’t evaporate on hot surfaces and is ammonia-free.

For more information, call 716.213.0106 or visit:

Fully Automatic for 1234yf

Robinair recently released the new, fully automatic AC1234-4, its newest machine for 1234yf systems. Capable of servicing both standard and high-voltage AC systems, the Robinair AC1234-4 is highly accurate and reliable.

Offering automatic features to save time in the shop, technicians can program the AC1234-4 for service and return when complete. The machine features an automatic internal tank refill and an automatic oil drain to show the amount of oil removed during service. An automatic air purge removes any air accumulated in the internal tank while programmable vacuum operation quickly reaches the necessary vacuum level in nearly any condition.

Equipped with an integrated refrigerant identifier, AC1234-4 samples refrigerant prior to recovery and features a system leak test to identify gross leaks. A color graphical display allows technicians to track recovery. The liquid refrigerant flushing function cleans AC systems or individual components with liquid refrigerant instead of harsh chemicals.

The Robinair AC1234-4 offers 98.5 percent recovery efficiency and precise charge accuracy to better than a half-ounce of the programmed charge amount. The machine meets or exceeds SAE J2927 and J2843 standards for R-1234yf recovery.

For more information, visit:

Web Expansion

Hofmann has recently redesigned its website. The new site features more in-depth information about the innovative line of Hofmann wheel balancers and tire changers, aligners, lifts and brake lathes.

The new website displays the latest Hofmann product innovations in a user-friendly manner that makes information simple to find and easy to read. Also included on the site are product brochures and informative videos that will help visitors learn about the productivity, efficiency and easy-to-operate features of each Hofmann product. A news section keeps Hofmann customers abreast of the newest offerings, innovations and advantages from Hofmann.

Visit the redesigned website at or call 800.2514.4500 for more information.

New OBD2 Reports

Bolt On Technology has launched OBD2 Reporting to give shops the ability to display accurate vehicle information right on the customer’s work order. With OBD2 Reporting, shops can now collect and display vehicle recorded PIDs right on the work order. By accessing and sharing check engine lights and drivability issues, shops can educate their customers on what services are recommended for their vehicles and why.

OBD2 is a free update available to all Mobile Manager Pro users with Manager SE or ShopKey SE shop management systems. To work, Mobile Manager Pro OBD2 Pro uses a Bluetooth connected interface that plugs into the diagnostic port.

For more information regarding the OBD2 update, including step-by-step instructions on installation and setup, please visit:

Control Temperature For Longer Life

Since battery charging is an electro-chemical reaction whose efficiency is affected by temperature, the new MXS 5.0 Charger/Maintainer from CTEK has an automatic temperature sensor to ensure the duration and rate of charge is exactly the amount needed. The microprocessor-controlled CTEK MXS 5.0 is the first in a new generation of smart chargers that is able to sense the battery condition throughout the charging cycle, avoiding overcharging that can damage cells and shorten battery life.

Cold batteries need a higher charge voltage in order to push current into the battery plates and electrolyte, while warmer batteries require a lower charge voltage to eliminate potential damage to cells and reduce unnecessary gassing.

The CTEK MXS 5.0 automatically adjusts the charging rate depending on ambient temperature to ensure ideal charging in extreme cold or hot weather conditions. It offers 4.3 amp charging as well as CTEK’s eight-step battery care program. If desired,the MXS 5.0 can maintain a battery indefinitely without the risk of damage to the battery or delicate vehicle electronics.

For more information, visit:

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