The Ultimate Ride for Foodies

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What started as a paid series of ads has turned into a viral sensation, making mouths water across the globe. Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver partnered with Land Rover to create a one-of-a-kind kitchen on wheels.

Warning: Do not continue on an empty stomach.

The series consists of 3 videos 3.5-5 minutes each, and all worth the watch. It starts with Oliver meeting with the Special Vehicle Operations team at Land Rover to discuss the customization of his ride. Right off the bat, Oliver is focused on his primary goal, asking about the car, “But can you cook in it?”

Oliver analyzes every nook and cranny to figure out how to optimize the space and specs of the Land Rover for his mobile kitchen. The expressions of the SVO team are priceless. The first video also provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the design process.

In the second video, Oliver inspects his new ride with his son at his side. The wheels can churn butter and ice cream. A cooking station folds out of the back with a high definition TV at the end. A spice rack and fresh herb garden occupy the back windows. The console consists of a toaster, fridge, and pantry, among other sweet features.

As amazing as it is to see the vehicle, what will really make your taste buds tingle is the third and final video in the series, as Oliver makes full use of his pimped out ride to cook for his family. From an olive oil dispenser to a pasta roller, a grill to a slow cooker, this vehicle has everything you could need to create delicious meals anywhere.

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