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Valvoline recently launched its Auto Career Accelerator (ACA), an online recruiting platform that connects thousands of emerging professionals to open positions in both the automotive services and heavy-duty industries.

Available positions will be posted exclusively from within Valvoline’s Lubricant Customer network, which includes tire shops, car dealerships, quick lube centers, heavy-duty fleets and other various heavy-duty positions nationwide.

ACA is similar to other leading job boards in connecting job hopefuls with potential employers, however, this network is industry-specific in nature and contains a robust talent assessment. With this initiative Valvoline is working to pair the best and brightest with available positions throughout its extensive network, helping to close the auto industry employment gap.

Initial posted ACA positions will include entry-level technicians, mid-level technicians, management, sales and service. As the platform expands to include the heavy-duty industry, positions such as HD mechanics, CDL truck drivers and welders will be added.

For more information, contact:

New Filters Added

Purolator recently introduced 30 new part numbers for the Purolator, PurolatorONE and PurolatorTECH product lines. These new part numbers include oil, air, cabin air and fuel filters covering late-model applications through 2019.

This introduction increases Purolator’s coverage for more than 10 million vehicles on the road today.

The new part numbers fit a variety of popular models such as Toyota Camry, Ford Ranger, Hyundai Elantra, Dodge Challenger and others.

For more information, visit:

Interactive Catalog

The Snap-on interactive accessories catalog contains all of the products that professional technicians need to make their Snap-on diagnostic tools more powerful to maximize capabilities, improve productivity and increase profits.

Available by visiting, the catalog can be downloaded to a computer, iPad or tablet. It offers accessories for Snap-on diagnostic platforms such as the new Apollo D8 and families including Zeus, Verus, Verdict, Modis, Solus, Vantage and Ethos.

The new Snap-on interactive accessories catalog is loaded with items that will help diagnostic tools do more, work harder and last longer. Technicians can maximize their diagnostic tool's potential by adding even more capabilities with accessories such as cables and adapter kits. With accessories like docking stations and foam organizers, they can configure their tools to fit their work environment and style. They can also add security and peace of mind to their investment with cases, screen protectors and extended warranties.

For more information, visit:

Performance-Driven Tool for Inspection Equipment

Hunter’s new performance-driven tool, Push Reports, is now available for shops with Hunter inspection equipment. Push Reports boost shop performance by automatically providing managers with actionable data from their Hunter inspection technology.

Hunter’s revenue-generating inspection equipment is used by thousands of rooftops worldwide to quickly identify vehicle alignment and tire needs. Hunter’s new autonomous inspection system is able to automatically measure alignment and tire tread in seconds — no labor or stopping required, allowing shops to check every vehicle that comes through their doors.

With Push Reports, shops can now take even greater advantage of their Hunter inspection systems by setting daily performance goals and better identifying presented, achieved and missed opportunities to sell alignments and tires. Custom, easy-to-understand reports can be automatically pushed via text or email, allowing managers and owners to easily see shop performance and ensure the utmost utilization in their Hunter inspection systems.

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Winter Emergency Product

Hot Shot’s Secret now offers a new winter emergency product — Diesel Winter Rescue. This formulated product reliquifies gelled fuel and de-ices frozen fuel filters to restore the flow of diesel fuel to the engine allowing the vehicle to be fully operational again. Unlike Hot Shot’s Secret’s Diesel Winter Anti-Gel that works as a preventive maintenance product in cold weather, Diesel Winter Rescue contains a military grade de-icer and works to disperse moisture throughout the fuel system: tank, lines, pumps and filters to return diesel powered vehicles to normal operation, regardless of outside weather conditions. When temperatures dip below freezing, this product is the one to have on hand for emergencies as a safety precaution.

Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD), today’s standard diesel fuel, has reduced levels of lubricity that can cause premature wear to the different components of a diesel engine. Diesel Winter Rescue is fully formulated with a lubricity additive to prevent premature failures. Safe and effective for all biodiesel blends, it is recommended for all diesel engines.

For more information, call 800.341.6516 or visit:

New Part Numbers for European Passenger Vehicles in the United States and Canada

Mann-Filter recently introduced 116 new part numbers available for immediate order. The new part numbers include air, cabin air, oil and fuel filters, as well as oil separators.

These 116 new part numbers have increased Mann-Filter’s coverage of the European passenger vehicle market in the United States and Canada to more than 98 percent, with a comprehensive offering of filtration products.

The new part numbers provide OE fit, form and function for 2018 and 2019 European makes and models such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar and others.

For more information, visit:

smartSpeed for Maximum Performance

Hofmann’s pantented smartSpeed technology automatically selects the optimal speed and torque on the tire changer with a single pedal position. Even during a shop’s busiest hours, when throughput really matters, smartSpeed maximizes shop productivity without damaging tires or wheels.

New Hofmann tire changers featuring smartSpeed technology include the Hofmann monty 3550 and monty 1625.

Featuring advanced capabilities to service a wide variety of wheel and tire assemblies, the monty 3550 is specifically designed to change low-profile, high-performance and run-flat tires, maximizing a shop’s versatility.

Designed for high-volume shops, the monty 1625 is ideal for servicing standard and performance wheels on cars and light trucks.

With smartSpeed, users will see an instant increase in performance and productivity. smartSpeed not only automatically minimizes damage to the tires, but it also provides innovative, patented technology that optimizes the torque applied to the wheel and automatically sets the maximum rotation speed of the wheel. The variable speeds available also give the service technician the best options for maximum productivity.

For more information, call 800.251.4500 or visit:

Digital Precision Torque Wrench

OTC has introduced a new digital precision torque wrench in North America. The new tool, part number 7380-E150, uses a digital display to show torque measured in real-time and at the point of release. The wrench’s sensitivity and precision can also be used to measure bearing preload torque values.

The quarter-inch drive wrench is powered by a 36-tooth ratchet head with measured torque ranging from 1.5 to 150 inch-pounds. Clockwise, the wrench is accurate to within plus or minus 1 percent, with counter clockwise accuracy from 10-percent to 100-percent of full scale. The five-digit alpha-numeric LCD clearly displays torque and measurement settings, controlled by four buttons.

When set torque is reached, techs are alerted with an LED light, audible buzzer and vibration to help avoid over-torqueing. The LED will glow yellow, red or green, indicating when the wrench is being used correctly or when pre-set torque has been exceeded.

For more information, visit:

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